Organizations Join Forces to Help Women Veterans Start Their Own Businesses (Black Enterprise)

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Organizations Join Forces to Help Women Veterans Start Their Own Businesses (Black Enterprise)

The National Association for the Self-Employed partners with the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation’s to launch free mentoring program

by Carolyn M. Brown

Women veterans are getting a helping hand in starting their own businesses thanks to a new program created by the National Association of the Self-Employed, a leading resource for the self-employed and micro-businesses, and the Professional Women’s Foundation’s.

Called Joining Forces Mentoring Plus, the free national program will use both one on one coaching and an on-line platform of resources, connecting military spouses and women veterans with professional women mentors and small business experts. The mentoring program is based on a career development model intended for all ranks, ages, and skill levels.

“Women veterans represent an important, and growing, segment of the U.S. labor force,” says Deborah L. Frett, BPW Foundation CEO. BWP supports women’s workforce development programs.

“Since 1980, the population of women veterans has grown 65% to 1.8 million and by 2020 women veterans will comprise 10% of the nation’s veterans. Capitalizing on their military training and skills they are uniquely qualified to start their own businesses.”

Through joining Forces Mentoring Plusformer military service women will now have the opportunity to join the ranks of over 22 million self-employed business owners nationwide.

“Women veterans and military spouses who are starting their own small businesses are not just putting themselves to work, but also helping to rebuild our economy from the ground up,” adds Katie Vlietstra, NASE Director of Government Affairs.

Since 1981, NASE members have received day-to-day support, including business skills education and experts in marketing, financing, and more. In addition, members have access to consolidated buying power to purchase products and services at discounted rates that traditionally had been available only to large corporations.

To learn more about the Joining Forces Mentoring Plus ™ or to sign up to take part in the program, please visit,

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