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Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

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The National Association for the Self-Employed enthusiastically supports legislation introduced by U.S. Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship chair, Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA), that moves to remove barriers that limit access to tools and information crucial for a micro-business to flourish into a small business. From access to capital and securing contracts to simply getting sound advice, these barriers prevent women small business owners from starting, growing and saving. Everyone knows without the startup funds or the ability to get extra help with a loan, a small business owner risks failure.

Women are a growing and dominant group among the self-employed, something we should all applaud, but encounter increased challenges in opening and growing their own small business. The NASE remains committed to ensuring the path to self-employment is made easier for all of our members.

This legislation introduced last month in the U.S. Senate is a measure that seeks to close the gender gap by “improving access to lending and increasing business counseling and training services for women entrepreneurs, and giving women-owned businesses the same level of access to federal contracts as other disadvantaged groups.” In conjunction with the legislation’s introduction, Senator Cantwell hosted a Congressional hearing focused on women entrepreneurship and how to address these challenges and identify new opportunities.

As more women move towards self-employment, the NASE will continue to be an influential voice in supporting their hard work in realizing the dream of self-employment and economic freedom.

Katie Vlietstra is NASE’s Vice President for Government Relations and Public Affairs.

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