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You're In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself

Have you ever wanted to talk with a Lawyer but thought it would cost too much money?  How about an accountant or financial planner?  It is easy to think that getting expert advice is hard to come by because it may either cost too much for that experts time or you simply might not know who to ask.  That’s why the NASE provides this service free of charge to our members.  We know experts can be costly and we know that not everyone knows who to turn to for sound advice.  Included in every NASE membership is the ability to use our Expert Portal to ask specific questions you have about your business (or future business) and your own situation.

Rather than searching the internet for someone’s answer to a question that might be similar to you, why not ask a question where you can describe and discuss exactly what you are facing?  The NASE has already done the leg work for you.  We found (and pay!) these experts so you, our members don’t have to. 

Remember, you are in business for yourself, not by yourself.  You are not alone, bookmark our website at and you will always be able to find the help you need.

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