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Granting Self-Employment

Last year the NASE awarded 12 Grants and 4 scholarships totaling $60,000.  We were able to highlight most of last year’s recipients in our
December 2015 issue; however, due to timing we were not able to recognize all winners.  We wanted to ensure all winners were recognized, below are the Growth Grant Recipients who each received $4,000 at the end of last year to grow and expand their business.

We award a Growth Grant each month to NASE members who are looking to expand their businesses.  Whether by purchasing new equipment, building a website, creating new marketing campaigns or many other creative applications, recipients improve their business and continue serving their communities.  If you are interested in applying, please visit our website.

Christie Core
October 2015
Nurturing Hearts Home Health Care Agency
Christie Core, an NASE Member from Mansfield, Ohio was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in October 2015.  Nurturing Hearts Home Health Care Agency provides quality healthcare to clients in their home and places their needs and comfort first.  Christi will be using this grant for training new staff and expanding care in the Mansfield area.

Wendy Miller
November 2015
Annapolis Senior Care Solutions
Wendy Miller, an NASE Member from Annapolis, Maryland was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in November 2015.  Annapolis Senior Care Solutions is a geriatric care management practice providing consultation services to seniors and their families to help seniors optimize their quality of life.  Wendy will be using this grant to upgrade her website and purchase marketing materials and equipment.

Christian Birky
December 2015
Christian Birky, an NASE Member from Detroit, Michigan was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in December 2015.  Lazlo designs, sources and crafts menswear focusing on core items in a man's wardrobe. Additionally, Lazlo looks to hire former inmates who have training in sewing; they get an experienced workforce, and a marginalized population becomes an asset. Christian will be using this grant to train employees and to upgrade equipment.

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