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Republicans and Democrats Officially Nominate Trump & Clinton

It is official, the Republican nominee for President is Donald J. Trump and the Democratic nominee for President is Secretary Hillary R. Clinton. The political parties met at their respective conventions in July to formally nominate their party’s candidate.

Both conventions were not without a few hiccups, including accusations that Melania Trump lifted large parts of her speech from one delivered by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2008 and Democrats dealing with the massive fall out of the release of hacked emails proving that the Democratic National Committee actively worked against the Bernie Sanders campaign.

The conventions were also an opportunity for the recently announced Vice Presidential candidates to introduce themselves to America. Governor Mike Pence from Indiana was selected by Donald J. Trump and Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia was chosen by Secretary Clinton, both men have long public service resumes.

Missed the acceptance speeches? You can watch them here:
Donald J. Trump accepts the Republican nomination
Secretary Clinton accepts the Democrat nomination

To learn more about the candidates and their vision for America, please visit their respective campaign websites:
Donald J. Trump for President
Hillary Clinton 2016

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