10 WAYS to Grow Your Business with WEBINARS in 2017

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10 WAYS to Grow Your Business with WEBINARS in 2017

Small business owners that want to grow their revenues significantly in 2017 should add webinars to their marketing mix. Whether you want to get noticed in your community or be a national player, these 30-to-90 minute educational presentations are highly effective in generating quality leads and customers for your products or services.

Start-ups, small businesses and even corporates are experiencing success from webinars. Kissmetrics (an analytical platform for teams) generated $1.7 million from just 77 webinars. This doesn’t shock marketing guru Neil Patel of Quick Sprout, who says that on average marketers achieve conversion rates (attendee-to-sale) of about 20%-40%. This is extraordinary compared to lackluster email conversion rates of 2-12%.

Lewis Howes, business coach and entrepreneur, has hosted over 300 webinars this year and grown his business 12 times over from last year. LeadPages, a popular software company that develops landing pages, reports that they went from 0 to 42,000 customers in just a few years using webinars as their primary marketing engine.

Do you think webinars will work for your business? Here are 10 ways to grow your business with webinars in 2017.

Prospects are the bread and butter of your business. When you host free webinars and people show up, you can regularly communicate with hundreds or thousands of people that you know are already interested in your topic. The more people who know, like and trust you, the greater opportunity you have to sell your products or services in both the short and long-term.

Lots of small businesses run their online marketing via trial and error. They experiment with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but they don’t know which efforts will actually generate results. The delivery of webinars, however, is a very consistent process that can be measured, monitored and improved upon. This 24/7 sales machine can give you the consistency you need to generate qualified leads and customers.

If you are a small business owner, your webinar can showcase your expertise in solving the challenges of your target market. You can share success stories of real customers who achieved X because of your product or service. If you are knowledgeable about your topic and they appreciate your personality, they will know, like and trust you.

You can ask a business owner running a complementary business to do a joint venture with you. You suggest that he markets your webinar to his email list for a partial fee of the sales or you promise to promote his product or service to your list in return. Partnerships within your industry enable you to quickly expand your audience and allow you to make connections that can keep your business growing year after year.

Thanks to the targeted marketing function within Facebook Advertising, you can promote your webinar to a specific demographic base on sex, age, location, interests, etc. If your focus is local, your ad only goes to those people in the region you designate. You can also target the Facebook fans of your local or national competitors. If a person follows your competition they probably are interested in your product and service as well. You can also upload an email list of prospects into Facebook and they will see your ad. Targeting your audience becomes a science you can fine-tune, allowing your marketing process to be consistent and effective.

Live events might be exhilarating but they are also exhausting. You have to account for preparation, travel, technological set-up, and mingling before and afterwards. Webinars allow you to do the majority of your speaking events from the comfort of your own office, saving you time, money and energy.

Your pre-recorded webinar can be promoted effectively for as little as $10 a day on Facebook, or completely free through other channels such as email, blog posts, Twitter, or as a banner on your website. You can also join relevant Facebook Groups or LinkedIn Groups and casually offer the invitation in the middle of a discussion. The possibilities for promoting your webinar are limitless.

The goal for your webinar is to increase awareness and grow your revenues. In order to do that you need to have a call-to-action at the end of the webinar asking for them to take the next step. The whole webinar is designed to psychologically prepare the prospect for the close. So in essence, creating your webinar forces you to create a compelling case for your product or service, and to actually ask for the business at the end.

Every time you do a webinar you improve your message and you improve your delivery of that message. Presenting you and your company is a critical skill for growth whether you are online or standing in front of a large audience. When a great opportunity arises, such as being a guest speaker to an attendee list of 10,000 people, you will be ready.

While webinars can definitely improve your brand, the number one goal for webinars is to increase your sales. You are in business to make a profit. With conversion rates of 20%-40% it is not a surprise that more and more businesses are turning to webinars as their primary lead source. They work!

Many times a person will register for the webinar, but they are hindered from attending. You can email these individuals and offer them a replay of the webinar that they can watch within a certain time period like 48 hours. This can generate additional sales.

At this point you may agree that webinars make sense for your business, but you don’t know exactly how to produce an effective one that will resonate with your audience. Here is an outline that many webinar presenters follow to create a 30-to-90 minute webinar:

1. Killer title that intrigues your target market. Usually a “How to” title.
2. The promise. Tell them what 3 points of information they will get out of this webinar that meets the particular challenge or need of this target market.
3. Introduction as to why they should listen to YOU. Briefly explain how you and your business got to this level of success.
4. Share success stories. Tell them about real people or companies that used your products or services and explain how it transformed their life or business.
5. Explain your unique product or process and why it will work for them too.
6. Share expert advice that can help them now even if they don’t buy anything from you today. This should address the three points in the promise (#2 above).
7. Tell them you have a lot more you could provide to them if they take the next step.
8. Offer a call to action to buy your product or service, or to take the first step in booking a consultation.
9. Close the call addressing common Q&A’s while overcoming common objections, and continue to explain why this product or service is amazing.

There are a few technological pieces to put together to get your webinar up and running. If you don’t have any tech skills, you can hire an Upwork freelancer to do all these elements for you for about $10/hour.
Here’s the steps to follow:

1. An invitation to the webinar (via on a Facebook advertisement, direct email, a link on your home page, or at the end of a blog post.)
2. A landing page to encourage people to register for the webinar (a template from LeadPages or Unbounce)
3. A recorded Power Point presentation using Camtasia (or Keynote for Mac users)
4. A webinar software program like Stealth Seminar or Webinar Jam to deliver the presentation and capture the registrations while simultaneously integrating attendees to your email responder software.
5. A sales page that specifically details all the wonderful things they get when they buy your product or service (or book you for a free consultation).

Creating the perfect webinar and marketing it to the right audience is a science that you can perfect over time. You can have confidence in the fact that your learning curve is worth it because once it is streamlined, you have an automatized sales process that generates consistent results time after time.

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