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What’s the best thing about being self-employed?

To me, the best part about being self-employed is the freedom to work outside established norms and take risks to facilitate change in an industry that has a status quo of exploiting workers and the environment.
Christian Birky, Founder, Lazlo, Detroit, MI
July, 2016 Spotlight

What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to someone starting their own business?
I would advise anyone starting a business to identify colleagues and professionals who can act as mentors during this process. I would also advise to be financially prepared to reinvest early profits back into your business in order to further grow your business.
Wendy Miller, Owner and Principal, Annapolis Senior Care Solutions, Annapolis, MD, May 2016 Spotlight

What challenges have you faced in your business?
The challenges that I’ve faced have been getting Mainely Cupcakes name out in front of people. Getting people to trust my brand and to know that they are getting a quality, delicious product is always a challenge. Perseverance has been key for me. I am not a quitter and I’ve never stopped marketing my business or building my brand. I do holiday specials and advertise those on social media and my website. In the past, I’ve joined networking groups to have an opportunity to meet different people and introduce myself as well as my product. Now that I have built up my business, I can let my name speak for itself.
Cassandra Tindell, Owner, Mainely Cupcakes, Indian Trail, NC
June, 2016 Spotlight

What's your schedule like, what's a typical day for you?
One of the great parts of being self-employed is that every day has the potential to be different. A typical day may start in our warehouse space or machine shop building a new apparatus or repairing current performance machines. We may have long brainstorming conference calls with our creative team to discuss new project ideas or might have to load a truck with our equipment to head out to an event. Time is spent every day on the computers designing sets, developing budgets, negotiating contracts and casting performers for upcoming events.
Chris Lashua, Founder and Director, Wheelwork Arts, LLC, Las Vegas, NV
November, 2016 Spotlight

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received from a client?
I had a customer tell me that the person they were dating asked them “How much do you love me?” and their response was, “I love you a lot, but I love my accountant more”.
Teewa Akers, Owner, The Bookkeepers Accounting Service MD, Upper Marlboro, MD August, 2016 Spotlight

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