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Fiduciary Rule: Wise Safeguard or Unfair Burden? (New York Times)

I respectfully disagree with your Feb. 12 editorial “Retirement Advice in the Trump Era,” because the fiduciary rule is not a “common-sense safeguard”; rather, it’s a complex and burdensome regulation that imposes an unfair cost onto America’s smallest businesses.

Financial planners, many who are self-employed or are employed by a micro-business, will have to spend precious resources, including dollars and time, in compliance. This rule burdens those who are working with millions of Americans to ensure retirement is not just a dream, but a tangible goal.

The fiduciary rule is one of the latest examples of instituting a restrictive regulation on businesses large and small.

This rule also assumes that financial planners were previously not acting in their clients’ best interest, which is offensive to these professionals and the industry itself.

The writer is vice president for public affairs and government relations for the National Association for the Self-Employed.

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