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Generating Ad Revenue The Top 10

1. Get out of the office!
Connect with networking groups, share ideas and ask for referrals.

2. Is your Website up to date?
Can people order products or services direct through your site? If not consider investing in ecommerce.

3. Do you have a YouTube Channel?
YouTube is a great place to showcase your products or services. Simple instructional videos that offer helpful or educational tips
build good will and trust.

4. Affiliate marketing
Receive referral fees from merchants when your followers purchase through a link to a merchant on your website.

5. Sell Ad Space on your Website
Offer to sell ad space to merchants who target the same customers.

6. Sell digital downloads
If you’re selling a product or service like medicare supplement coverage or swimming pool maintenance, offer a digital download
for $.99 to $4.99 to explain ‘details only the experts know’. Make sure this has value relative to the price.

7. Build an email list
Solicit email addresses from your loyal customers and provide coupons or discounts to them via email. This drives revenue.

8. Offer Consulting
Offer a webinar for a fee, to a group or personalized one-on-one.

9. Create a Conference on your website (or a local coffee shop with a meeting room)
Similar to number 8, but advertise this ‘for a limited number of participants’ for deeper, educational insights into your products or

10. Offer writing or speaking services
As an expert in your field let followers know that you’re available for speaking engagements or writing articles. This builds goodwill
and trust even if you don’t charge for it.

Terrie Turner
Sunbelt Advertising

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