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Small Business Advocate Confirmed as Administrator for the Small Business Agency

On Tuesday,  January 7, the U.S.  Senate confirmed Jovita Carranza as Administrator for the Small Business Administration.

The NASE supported the appointed of Ms. Carranza, stating,  “The new SBA Administrator takes over an agency during one of the most profound shifts underway in the American workforce. Not since the Industrial Revolution has the nature of work in our country undergone such transformative change. As millions of Americans choose self-employment and small business ownership, it is critical for the SBA to support them by promoting access to capital, advocating for further streamlining of regulatory policies and simplifying the tax code.”

“As new small business owners, time is the most essential resource. We must ensure ways they can minimize their administrative time and costs and instead, let them focus on their business operations, which will save time and allow them to save, grow and expand. It’s not only essential for their bottom-lines, but also the future of the American economy. NASE will continue to be a proactive partner with the SBA, the Trump Administration and the U.S. Congress to continue to promote a pro-small business environment. As a voice for millions of America’s self-employed and those in the growing gig-economy, we welcome the new Administrator and stand ready to support her in building an equitable and fair playing field for the lifeblood of our country’s economy.”

The NASE looks forward to working with the Administrator as we advance policies that support the nation’s millions of self-employed business owners.

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