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Contested 2020 Presidential Election; Former Vice President Biden on Track for 306 Electoral College Votes

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Former Vice President Joe Biden is on track to be declared the winner of the 2020 presidential campaign, unseating President Trump following a bitter campaign during a global health pandemic.

At the writing of this column (November 18), President Trump is pursuing several legal challenges in key states related to reported claims of fraud, which we anticipate will not interfere with the official certification of the presidential contest. However, President-elect Biden will have to navigate continued divided government with the Democrats maintaining a decreased majority in the House and the Republicans maintaining a razor slim majority that is dependent on securing victories in two Georgia Senate run off races in January 2021.

In an open air venue on Saturday evening, November 7, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, the first biracial woman, introduced President-elect Biden, who delivered his first address to the nation. The address focused primarily on his desire to be president for all Americans, insisting that he could help bridge the divide between Republicans and Democrats. Additionally, he focused on what his Administration’s immediate efforts will be to mitigate the Covid-19 Pandemic. On Monday, November 9, the President-elect announced an advisory council of science and health professionals who will support the transition and provide guidance as to how the Administration can prepare to address the pandemic following the inauguration.

Attention has immediately turned to the “Lame Duck” Congress, the time between the election and when the new Congress is sworn in, and what, if any, action around Covid relief can be advanced. Senate Majority Leader McConnell has signaled the Senate will entertain legislation, however, it is unclear what deal he could strike with Speaker Pelosi and the Senate Democrats.

Regardless, the 2020 election was not the overwhelming victory for Republicans and Democrats. While both President Trump and President-elect Biden each received, the most votes cast in a presidential race, the country still voted and supported divided government and it is now to our leaders to navigate these waters and put the American voters front and center in their action.

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Katie Vlietstra

Katie Vlietstra

As Vice President for Government Relations and Public Affairs, I work to explain how actions on Capitol Hill can impact the self-employed. I love D.C. and have made my home in Capitol Hill, where I live with my husband and black Labrador, Coltrane. We love playing volleyball and softball on the National Mall.

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