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I am thinking of selling my home. What is the best time of year to sell?

Nov 16, 2014
I actually get this question quite often. The obvious answer is to sell your home when the demand is highest …and the supply is lowest. The tricky part is determining when that might be. In residential real estate, demand often has a seasonal component and is based upon traditional weather patterns, school calendars, and popular holidays. In Texas for example, demand usually increases in early spring and lasts through mid-summer. The weather is milder , the year-end holidays are over, and those families with children want to be situated before a new school term begins in late August. Demand often increases again beginning in mid-September (after the labor day Holiday) and  lasts until late November …just prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. After Thanksgiving , demands often slows until the new year. Does that always mean you should list your home for sale in either March or mid-September? Not necessarily. Keep in mind that the law of real estate supply and demand says prices will rise and homes will sell faster when demand increases or supply decreases. If the supply of homes for sale in December is very low, home prices will tend to rise and sell more quickly even though December may not traditionally active month.