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NASE to Give $30,000 Business Boost to Startup

Jun 15, 2009

Posted by Maureen Petron - It's one of the best parts of the job -- meeting members whose business has been helped by the NASE.

This Thursday, we'll get to meet Tiffany Washington. She received an NASE Business Development Grant last year worth $3,000. She used that money to purchase tax preparation software for her accounting practice, and more than doubled the size of her startup with it.

Because of her tremendous success and her goals to continue growing her business, the NASE is awarding Tiffany with an Achievement Award this Thursday. The award isn't just a pat on the back (although we'll do that, too) -- it's $30,000 into her business bank account.

There's lots more to tell you about Tiffany's story, so stay tuned!