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Introducing… Almost… NASE’s Online Community

Apr 14, 2010
Posted by Maureen Petron – I’m just back from traveling across the country with NASE’s TaxTalk seminar program, where one of the top questions at each presentation was, “Can you recommend a CPA in my area?”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t give a satisfactory answer. And I was even more frustrated because we are so close to having one.

Ok, so even next year I won’t be able to give the micro-business owners who ask an actual name of a local CPA. But I will be able to tell them about the NASE Water Cooler, a new online community where NASE Members can post up personal and business profiles – and search for other businesses in their area. So the next time you need a CPA or plumber or graphic designer or general contractor, you can not only hire a fellow small-business owner, but you can also hire a fellow NASE Member!

I’m tipping my hat to you a bit because the Water Cooler isn’t quite ready to launch – we’re testing and seeding (actually putting some interesting stuff up there for you to read) and generally making it presentable. I hope to be writing about its launch in early May.

So why am I telling you about it now? To see if you want to help! We’re looking for community leaders who want to be in the Water Cooler from the start, give us recommendations on how to improve it, and test out all the cool features.

Interested? Give us your name and e-mail address here and we’ll send you a personal invitation to become a first user!