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Federal Insurance Office To Field Calls, Offer Price Comparisons

Apr 23, 2010

The Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight has been created as part of the health reform effort to lead implementation on the law's objectives. Among the branches that the agency includes is an office to implement the exchange program in 2014, as well as a customer service office to answer consumer questions and concerns. The following offices, among others, will make up the Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight:

  • Office of Insurance Programs - responsible for the high risk pool program and the early retiree reinsurance program
  • Office of Insurance Exchanges - develops and oversees the exchanges, grants individual states and the operations of the exchanges in 2014
  • Office of Consumer Support - keeper of the information on insurance pricing data, provider of consumer assistance, and state grants for assistance
  • Office of Oversight - implements, monitors and enforces new insurance rules, including medical loss ratios, performing rate reviews and issuing rate review grants to the states
  • Office of the Director - evaluates and leads the entire program

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