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What do Uber, FedEx and Lowe’s have in common?

Dec 03, 2015

Worker classification is front-page news these days as companies like Uber, FedEx, and Lowe’s face misclassification lawsuits. If you engage with freelancers, consultants, or any type of independent contractor, proper classification is critical.

Unfortunately, the rules around classification are not easy to interpret. The NASE’s President & CEO Keith Hall is joining an expert panel for a free webinar where listeners will learn information to help protect their business from massive fines, unnecessary hassles, and lawsuits like the ones you've heard about in the news.

The webinar is being hosted by Upwork, the online global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.  Join Keith on Tuesday, December 15 at 10am PST/1pm EST by
registering here.

What you’ll learn:
- Why worker classification is such a hot topic today
- The risks of ignoring worker classification requirements
- How businesses are protecting themselves for the future
- How to navigate the complexities of classifying a worker as an employee or independent contractor

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