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Tax Talk Postcard - Centennial and Casper, WY

Mar 23, 2010

Seminar tour co-planners, NASE's Maureen Petron stands with Kristi Gunster

It’s gorgeous country out here. A bright, sunny day for our seminar in Centennial, and then a four hour drive up to Casper, Wyoming. We decided to drive the four hours because we’d probably spend just as much time getting to the Denver airport and taking a puddle jumper up to Casper. Lots of flat land, with huge, incredible rock structures jutting out. The directions from Centennial to Casper had four steps – turn right out of the parking lot at the Centennial SBDC, get on I-25 North, get off I-25 after 286 miles, and turn left into the hotel parking lot! But we made the most of the drive, playing trivia games and 20 questions.

Top question from the seminar

Q: Can you take the home office deduction if you have another office outside the home?

A: Just because you work at a location outside the home, doesn’t automatically exclude you from being able to take the home office deduction. But, you have to have the need to use the home office for administrative duties or business things at the home office that can’t be done at the other office. The classic example is a doctor. He works at a clinic, does his medical work with patients there. But he does all his paper work, HIPPA filings, tracking of his hours, etc., at his home office. He needs the home office in order to do those administrative duties. You cannot take the home office if you have another office that you can do your administrative duties at, you just choose to have an office and computer at home for your convenience.

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