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Michael Klazema

Michael Klazema

VP Product Management & Online Marketing

Michael Klazema has over two decades of experience in digital consulting, online product management and technology innovation. In the evenings he works as the lead author and editor for Dallas based backgroundcheck.com’s blog with a focus on human resource and employment screening developments. Michael has been writing about employment screening and HR topics for the last eight years.  He like to write about employment screening and talent management trends and developments that impact hiring from the viewpoint of both the candidate as well as the company and the human resource technology that helps employees and companies select, grow and support work in the digital economy.

Michael has led numerous technology selection and implementation initiatives with a focus on achievement great alignment with online customer experiences and organizational structures and team competencies. Michael holds an MBA in International Management from Maastricht University and has lived and worked in the US, UK, Austria, Norway and The Netherlands. In his spare time he enjoys the rich culinary histories of various old and new world countries, using the cook books he and his family collect as souvenirs from their international trips and adventures.

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