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Welcome to the Self Made. This is a blog focused primarily on the self-employed and micro-business and full of fantastic posts by not only our team of experts but by YOU!  We realize that there are many ways to help the small businesses out there which is why we invite other business minded individuals to post here and help the rest of the community as well.

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New Dell Technologies Partnership and Growth Grants

NASE is thrilled to share news about our new partnership with Dell Technologies, which makes learning and working easier and more interactive with their high-tech laptops, desktops, servers, mobile workstations, and electronics. Dell’s mission statement involves driving human progress by allowing better access to technology worldwide.

Posted on Sep 16, 2020

Tech Tools for Small Business Owners to Help Maintain Efficiencies During Critical Times

Entrepreneurs risk it all to launch and maintain a successful business. There are numerous hurdles to overcome along the way. Many small business owners are now facing new challenges given the current state of the economy and new regulations due to the pandemic. However, small business owners are quite resilient and are managing to thrive even during tough times. To help ease the transition into new territory there are many resources and tools that can be implemented. Technology, especially, can help to keep businesses on track.

Posted on Aug 25, 2020

How You Can Find New Clients as a Freelancer

The gig economy has been gaining ground for years. As of 2017, there were 55 million gig workers in the U.S. alone. Thanks to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely we’ll see an even greater rise in gig workers and freelancers throughout the country.

Posted on Aug 20, 2020

Resources for Disabled Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

One of the greatest perks of living in America is the ability to hone a creative idea into a business started from scratch. Anyone with the right mindset and a smart product can make the dream happen. People with disabilities may feel like they have a steeper hill to climb, but that is not necessarily the case.

Posted on Jul 30, 2020

Ways Solar Energy May Save You Money During Quarantine

While millions of people around the world are still in quarantine to slow the spread of COVID-19, that does not mean it is easy staying home all the time. People are more concerned about saving money than ever before as the world continues in these uncertain and unprecedented times. During quarantine, it can be more challenging to save money as you don’t have access to your usual spread of resources, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do. Solar energy can help you save money and energy during quarantine and beyond while being environmentally friendly.

Posted on Jun 22, 2020

Communicating with Clients Effectively as a Freelancer

Modern freelancing has existed for decades now and has only improved as technology has evolved. As business applications have increasingly taken advantage of the power of the internet, it’s become possible to forge an independent, unique career via as a contractor, whether you’re writing, walking dogs, or anything in between.

Posted on Jun 22, 2020

Paying for Your Child’s University Fees When You Are Self-Employed

It’s almost every parent’s dream to send their child to university, but with the high cost of tuition fees, many parents are shying away from this dream. In addition to the tuition, there are living expenses to worry about too. For the self-employed parent, the struggle to pay these fees may be due to fluctuating incomes. However, with the right strategies, it is possible to send your child to university regardless of the size and nature of your business. Consider the following tips.

Posted on Jun 12, 2020

Seven Tips for Building a Sustainable Business

Building a business is a dream for many, but just because you have a passion and drive doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to be successful. You’re more likely to start a business and fail than to start a business and succeed. There’s a lot of competition out there, and running a business is hard!

Posted on May 11, 2020

How to Minimize Business Disruption During a Pandemic

Disease outbreaks are becoming more frequent, so every company must take extra precautions to protect its employees and customers and to reduce the amount of disruption a business may face. If they don’t, then the business could fail, and many employees and customers could be at a significant loss. Today, we will be taking a look at the best way to minimize business disruption during a pandemic.

Posted on May 07, 2020

Financial Tips for the Self Employed

Self-employment has accelerated throughout this decade, and recent events and high unemployment may force even more people to make the decision about whether to try to go back to work or seek out a different type of security by trying to make it on their own.

Posted on May 06, 2020