Recent Grant Recipients

NASE Growth Grant winners* are chosen each month and are awarded up to $4,000 to support the growth of their business.  The Growth Grant money is used to help grow small businesses by providing extra capital to hire and train additional employees, take up new marketing initiatives, purchase new equipment and many other creative ways to improve businesses.

*Growth Grant applicants must be a member in good standing for 3-months prior to submitting an application. (Annual members may apply immediately. Monthly members may apply ninety days after joining the NASE.)

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Here's a list of our most recent recipients.
    December 2019
    Joey Preston

    Joey Preston, an NASE Member from Yorkville, Illinois was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in December 2019. Digital Performance specializes in creating unique digital experiences designed to help businesses grow their presence online and achieve their goals.

    November 2019
    William Ursprung

    William Ursprung, an NASE Member from San Antonio, Texas was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in November 2019. Express Chiropractic makes getting regular chiropractic care fast, affordable and easy, whether contending with chronic conditions or seeking chiropractic care for improving health, ECW provides the services you need.

    October 2019
    Dylan Hoffman

    Dylan Hoffman, an NASE Member from Columbus, Ohio was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in October 2019. Cova Cowork focuses on creating awesome & holistic working experiences for their members. They provide thoughtful shared workspaces and curated lifestyle services, including onsite childcare and professional development support.

    September 2019
    Sarah Duke

    Sarah Duke , an NASE Member from Austin, Texas was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in September 2019. Austin Community Wellness is a family chiropractic & wellness center specializing in alternative health and wellness to all populations but with a specialization in pre-natal, post-natal and pediatric care.

    August 2019
    Ramona Gonzales

    Ramona Gonzales, an NASE Member from Ithaca, New York was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in August 2019. History Culture Cuisine and Beyond (HCCB) is the travel company for those in search of more. HCCB clients span the spectrum from the beginner traveler just drafting their bucket list, to the intermediate traveler with several stamps on their passport, to the experienced traveler seeking a more spiritual experience.

    July 2019
    Mikki Firor

    Mikki Firor, an NASE Member from Annapolis, Maryland was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in July 2019. Trovato, LLC provides Dementia services and information to those living with Dementia, impacted by Dementia, or working with someone with Dementia, and to those wishing to learn more about Dementia.

    June 2019
    Dyna Salahuddin

    Dyna Salahuddin, an NASE Member from San Antonio, Texas was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in June 2019. 210 DEKD Enterprises provides Asbestos consulting services in the greater San Antonio area and will use the Grant to expand their environmental services.

    May 2019
    Cynthia Boyd

    Cynthia Boyd, an NASE Member from Kennesaw, Georgia was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in May 2019. Listen and Learn is a social skills space for children of all ages to get tutoring, meet with mentors and work on behavior training.

    April 2019
    Alyssa Crawford

    Alyssa Crawford, an NASE Member from Havre, Montana was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in April 2019. Crawford Distillery is a family owned business operated by husband and wife team Neil and Alyssa Crawford. The distillery is a micro distillery located on the High Line in the heart of Havre, Montana.

    March 2019
    Josephine Coluccio

    Josephine Coluccio, an NASE Member from Toms River, New Jersey was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in March 2019. Little Explorers is a private Christian education in a home-based learning environment teaching Old and New Testament values & moral beliefs to children since 1983. The Growth Grant will go towards the purchase of a new outdoor play area.

    February 2019
    Drew Diller

    Drew Diller, an NASE Member from Saint Paul, Minnesota was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in February 2019. Regular Cycles is a one-man shop dedicated to making bicycle parts and bicycle frames using carbon fiber and related materials. The Growth Grant will go towards industrial grade tools to increase production.

    January 2019
    Damien Little

    Damien Little, an NASE Member from Trenton, Missouri was awarded an NASE Growth Grant in January 2019.  Little Farm Organics has been transitioning from a conventional farm to an organic one since 2017 and plans to finish up that process this year. The Growth Grant will go towards the purchase of a grain truck.

NASE Growth Grants are awarded at the sole discretion of NASE. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies will receive a grant.
Decisions of the selection committee are final and are not subject to appeal. No application feedback will be given.

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