NASE Annual Membership- Top 10 Benefits to an Annual Membership


The Value of NASE Membership

"The NASE Growth Grant allowed me to secure office equipment and staff to double my business in less than one year."

Susan Fortner
Member Since 2011


Grants and Scholarships

Grants and Scholarships

Would an extra $4,000 from the NASE make a critical difference in the success of your business?

We are here to help – with small business grants, scholarships for continuing education and training and college scholarships for your dependents, the NASE is your partner for small business growth and success.

NASE Affiliations

NASE Affiliations

The NASE connects you to a network of supporting associations and groups.

  • Association for Enterprise Opportunity
  • Small Business Development Centers

Become a Member

Running a business can be tough. The money, time, resources, and skills necessary to run your business successfully can sometimes be in short supply, but the NASE can help. Our exclusive package of member benefits supports you with business experts, discounts, and a voice in D.C. We also assist with health insurance options for self employed and small businesses.

Your Membership comes with valuable benefits such as:

  • Small Business Locator
    Get Listed, Get Business
  • Self-Informed Subscription
  • Ask the Experts
  • Startup Kit
  • Member Pricing in Our Store
  • Subscriptions to our Publications
    OutFront Weekly/WashingtonWatch
  • NASE Member Badge
  • Business Learning/Resource Center

And so much more!

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