$10,000 Life Insurance

Term Life - MetLife - $10K, Included with Membership

Member Benefit Explanation


$10,000 included Term Life Insurance for NASE Members. At age 60 benefits reduce 75% and then cancel at age 65.

Your NASE Membership provides you and your family with Member and Dependent Group Term Life Insurance Coverage from MetLife for no additional cost. No additional contribution is required from the member in order for this insurance protection to be provided. Members in good standing with membership fees paid on time are eligible for the MetLife Term Life Insurance.

Members Basic/Dependent Term Life Insurance Coverage:

Family Member Membership Term Life
Principal Member Annual and Silver $10,000
Spouse Annual and Silver $0
Dependent Children Annual and Silver

*Child (ren) Eligibility: Dependent children ages 14 days to 19 years old, or 23 years old if a child is a full-time student, are eligible for coverage.

Sixty-day waiting period from date of joining the NASE required. At age 60 benefits reduce 75% and then cancel at age 65. In certain circumstances a conversion privilege to an individual policy may apply (subject to changes from group coverage in terms and conditions including changes in premium costs). For additional information regarding conversion privileges, contact MetLife at 877-ASK-MET7 (877-275-6387).

Members may designate a beneficiary for their life insurance benefits by filling out and returning a Beneficiary Designation Form. For spouses and dependent children the member is always the beneficiary.

Explore the coverage that makes it easy to give yourself and your loved ones more protection today...and in the future.

Download your free estate organizer, a convenient way to keep track of the location of important documents, and information on your assets and financial accounts for your heirs.

Like most group life insurance policies, MetLife group policies contain certain exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions for keeping them in force. Please contact NASE member services for complete details. For a copy of the policy, please contact NASE Member Services. Insurance coverage is issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, N.Y. 10166 (MetLife) to the National Association for the Self-Employed, Inc., Group Policy (Form GPNP99-ASSN) issued in the State of Texas, with certificates of insurance (Form GCERT2000) issued to each insured Member. Life insurance coverage of members in other states will be subject to any applicable legal requirements of such states. L0221011073[exp0223][All States] © 2021 MetLife Services and Solutions, LLC.

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The benefits explained herein are offered at the sole discretion of the association and may vary by availability, vendor and state of residence of the member. Vendors reserve the right to withdraw or change their offers without notice. The association makes no affirmation of fact or promise relating to the goods and services, and specifically disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the merchantability of the goods and services reflected. To be entitled to the association benefits, you must be a member in good standing and dues must be paid current.

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