Become Part of Your Community

Become Part of Your Community

At the National Association for the Self-Employed, we believe that the best way to get people to get involved with your business is to first get involved with the community your business serves. We know you're time is important which is why we've compiled a short list of some of the powerful tools the NASE has to offer you and your business. Best of all... the tools and resources listed below are offered at no additional cost!


The SelfInformed is a monthly publication that has all sorts of useful informational articles such as how to prepare your taxes, manage your marketing dollars effectively, utilize some of the more popular NASE business tools and more!  The best part... it's a FREE publication!  Here are the most recent releases...


Using the School Year to Your Business’s Advantage
Another summer break is on the horizon, and with it comes a myriad of opportunities for your business. Younger generations have always been an important business market, with millennial spending power at $2.5 trillion. If your small business takes advantage of the summer season, your company could make significant gains. Summer hours can be a win-win for both students and businesses. Students can save up for college or earn extra spending money, while businesses can take advantage of enthusiastic young workers looking for experience and extra responsibilities. As a business owner, it is essential to keep up with current events and changes in the community. You gain an edge over other businesses run by less involved people in their community. In addition, you find opportunities to market your business to new customers. Overall, the school year can be an excellent way for your business to expand its reach in the community. Here is how:
Posted on Aug 25, 2022
Healthy Self-Employment
Joshua James is a NASE Member from San Francisco, California and is the owner of Ocean Beach Cafe. Josh was a career bartender who decided to take a year off from drinking to see what would happen. About a year later, he opened Ocean Beach Cafe and began to build the largest Non Alcoholic Beverage Selection in the World! Ocean Beach Cafe is a busy community art cafe that sells locally roasted coffee, healthy eats, and houses the only Non Alcoholic Bar on the West Coast!
Posted on Aug 25, 2022
The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022
On August 19, 2022, the President signed The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which marks a significant conclusion to the Biden-Harris’s Administration efforts to advance a sweeping domestic policy agenda. While many of the provisions (as listed below) are important priorities, the bill was not as expansive as Democrats had hoped, failing to address childcare, caregiving, paid leave, and the child tax credit advance payments. It is unlikely that these additional care-related policy priorities will find traction in the final months of the 2022 legislative calendar, however, Republicans have been eager to discuss policy solutions around paid leave considering the Supreme Court case related to reproductive health.
Posted on Aug 25, 2022
The Not-So-Obvious Ways to Positively Impact Your Community and Improve Your Business
For most businesses, the primary focus is on making it profitable. But what if you could impact your community and improve your business simultaneously? Often, your customers will know who you are and what you do before they ever set foot into your place of business. Word-of-mouth can travel quickly, especially if people know how your business benefits the community. Having connections provides you with a forum to introduce yourself and learn more about the people who make up your community.
Posted on Jul 26, 2022
2022 NASE Dependent Scholarship Winners
This year, we awarded $15,000 in scholarships to five fantastic young people. The below individuals were chosen out of the more than 20 applications we received, all of which were very well put together. We know the winners will put their $3,000 to good use this school year and we are proud to assist them on their journey.
Posted on Jul 26, 2022
Before the Congressional Recess, a Few Must Do Items
Congress is set to have its “traditional” August District Work period, five weeks of Congress back home in their states and districts, connecting with constituents and seeing first hand important projects, however, before Congress can recess, two important legislative items: finalizing the “United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021” (also being referred to as the “chips” bill) and laying the ground work for a Democrat reconciliation package that Leader Schumer hopes to advance in September.
Posted on Jul 26, 2022
New Trends, Software, and Hardware to Improve Your Small Business
Small business owners have always needed drive and dedication in order to see their business ventures succeed. However, since the global pandemic that hit the world back in 2020, the working economy has evolved and adapted to circumstances, and small businesses were no exception.
Posted on Jun 17, 2022
Insuring Self-Employment
Mabelyn Lopez is the Owner and Operator of 4 Insurance LLC located in Lynn, Massachusetts. Mabelyn is a first-generation American with deep roots and love for the Dominican Republic where her family immigrated from. Her father received his masters in Engineering and her mother was a business owner for over 35 years. It’s through their examples that she continues the tradition of entrepreneurship and a commitment to give back to her community. 4 Insurance LLC offers many types of personal and business insurance as well as a variety of industry insurance options. Their ability to provide services in various languages allows them to meet community needs and truly understand their unique situations.
Posted on Jun 17, 2022
Digital Tools Key to Self-Employed and Small Business Growth
It is clear from the data, small businesses are still in recovery mode from the Covid-19 pandemic. It fundamentally altered not just every aspect of life, but also forced small businesses to adapt to a new landscape in order to survive.
Posted on Jun 17, 2022
Why Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Are the Heart of America’s Economy and Spirit
While we often think of major corporations when it comes to driving innovation and competition in the United States, small businesses also play a vital role in our nation’s economy and boosts the overall spirit for our small communities. These locally owned and operated businesses scattered throughout main streets in our hometowns make up two-thirds of new jobs in the country.
Posted on May 31, 2022

NASE Minute

Perhaps you just want to sit back once a week and watch a video with the latest business tip from the NASE? We've got you covered! The NASE Minute is our weekly video series designed to focus on some of the most commonly asked about topics and presented in a short amount of time so you can get what you need to know and be on your way!

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Don’t Retire with Debt, Plan Adequately
Are you putting enough money away for Retirement
Posted on Sep 21, 2022 by Keith R. Hall
ADP Small Business Solutions Has Your Back Every Step of the Way
Easily implement payroll and tax support that saves you time and money
Posted on Sep 15, 2022 by John K. Hearrell
Careington Savings Plans, Discounts on Dental , Vision and more!
Careington offers a variety of savings plans to help you and your family get high-quality health and wellness services at an affordable price.
Posted on Sep 07, 2022 by John K. Hearrell
How to Hire an Outstanding Buyer's Agent
Five questions to ask before hiring an agent.
Posted on Sep 01, 2022 by Scott Scribner
AARP Sponsors NASE Growth Grants for Minority Owned Small Businesses
AARP collaborates with NASE and sponsors Growth Grants for minority owned businesses.
Posted on Aug 26, 2022

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Self Made

Self Made Blog

Self Made is our staff blog. Our resident Government Relations expert (Katie Vlietstra) works hard to relay the information that you need to know about what's happening in the community and how it effects you!

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Retain Customers: 5 Strategies That Work
Did you know that businesses typically spend 5 to 25 times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one Here are 5 great strategies to help keep your customers coming back!
Posted on Sep 22, 2022
Tips For a Successful E-commerce Businesses
In this article, we'll give you five SEO tips for a successful e-commerce business in 2022.
Posted on Sep 22, 2022 by Angel Martins
Starting a New Real Estate Brokerage
Instead of working for a sponsoring broker or brokerage firm, would you rather work independently and even have other real estate agents work for you? In this step-by-step guide, we'll show you how to start a new real estate brokerage of your own.
Posted on Sep 22, 2022 by Scott Russell
5 Tips for Multi-State Living on a Budget
Do you ever wonder how people can live in multiple states? Do you like the idea of having multiple homes to escape seasonal weather? Perhaps you want to expand your business? This article can help you think that process through.
Posted on Sep 22, 2022 by Candace Sigmon
Marketing Strategies to Beat Your Competition
A great marketing strategy can help lift your business to the next level. Read this article for a few ideas to help get you there.
Posted on Sep 21, 2022 by Nick Rojas

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