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The SelfInformed is a monthly publication that has all sorts of useful informational articles such as how to prepare your taxes, manage your marketing dollars effectively, utilize some of the more popular NASE business tools and more!  The best part... it's a FREE publication!  Here are the most recent releases...


Sizzling Summer Savings for Your Small Business
Temperatures are soaring, and the heat is on for small businesses this summer. Looking for ways to cool off and cut costs? Get the most bang for your buck with these money-saving tips from NASE. ​1. Cut your tax bill One of the most effective ways of reducing the amount of money flowing out of your small business is by lowering your tax liability.
Posted on Jun 18, 2021
Momentous Self-Employment
Dr. Lydia Hughes-Evans is the Founder & CEO of Pure Momentum Consulting, LLC located in El Cerrito, California. For the past 13 years, Pure Momentum Consulting has provided non-profit management and operations support. PMC’s core values are Integrity, Performance, and Results, and that’s what unites them as a team and allows them to help other organizations be successful.
Posted on Jun 18, 2021
SBA Set to Launch Community Navigator Program
The Small Business Administration (SBA) is set to launch the Community Navigator Program later in June, the program is targeted towards minority-owned businesses and small businesses who found themselves unable to access the other programs offered by the SBA to support businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Community Navigator Pilot Program that will strengthen outreach to underserved businesses by partnering with organizations with deep roots in their communities.
Posted on Jun 18, 2021
5 FAQs and Answers for Your Small Business
From perfecting your product, crafting your brand, and keeping up with all the legal and financial requirements, growing a small business is a big challenge. It’s a lot of work before you even get down to work — and it’s a lot to celebrate when you succeed! Here, NASE answers five frequently asked questions about running a small business.
Posted on May 20, 2021
Helping People Through Self-Employment
Austen Lincoln is an Occupational Therapist and Owner of Steps 2 Grow, LLC in Portland, Oregon. Steps 2 Grow offers pediatric occupational therapy to children from birth to five years old. Their goal is to enhance development and minimize the potential for delays through direct treatment and caregiver education and empowerment.
Posted on May 20, 2021
American Families Plan
Following the passage of the American Rescue Plan and the Presiden’s proposal for infrastructure, American Jobs Plan, the Administration announced its American Families Plan, which they argue is “an investment in our kids, our families, and our economic future.”
Posted on May 20, 2021
8 Rainy Day Improvements to Your Small Business
If you’ve had some business downtime in the past year, you’re far from alone. But as the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” and it’s vital that small business owners see the silver lining in all that cloud cover. In fact, rainy days can turn out to be the most important planning time for your small business.
Posted on Apr 29, 2021
Self-Employed Wellness
Dr. Sarah Duke is a Doctor of Chiropractic & Massage Therapist and Shane Duke is a Licensed Massage Therapist. Together they own and operate Austin Community Wellness PLLC in Austin, Texas. The goal of Austin Community Wellness is to bring balance back to your body so it can function optimally and help you live your best life.
Posted on Apr 29, 2021
Small Business Administration Launches Restaurant Revitalization Fund
The American Rescue Plan Act established the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) to provide funding to help restaurants and other eligible businesses keep their doors open. This program will provide restaurants with funding equal to their pandemic-related revenue loss up to $10 million per business and no more than $5 million per physical location. Recipients are not required to repay the funding as long as funds are used for eligible uses no later than March 11, 2023.
Posted on Apr 29, 2021
8 Tips to Improve Your Small Business Luck
Mark Zuckerberg is a household name. He is widely recognized as one of the wealthiest CEOs in modern history. As the CEO of Facebook, most would consider Mark Zuckerberg a lucky business owner. However, his success was not without a little bit of luck. Mark Zuckerberg was sued by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss when they claimed he stole their idea for the social media giant Facebook. This lawsuit was eventually settled, but the facts of the case showed that Mark Zuckerberg took risks when he started Facebook. He also utilized the resources available to him and made a little of his own luck.
Posted on Mar 26, 2021

NASE Minute

Perhaps you just want to sit back once a week and watch a video with the latest business tip from the NASE? We've got you covered! The NASE Minute is our weekly video series designed to focus on some of the most commonly asked about topics and presented in a short amount of time so you can get what you need to know and be on your way!

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myKlovr - College and Career Planning
Lifelong learning gets a brand new face, with a big new brain.
Posted on Jul 22, 2021 by John K. Hearrell
If you're a new business owner, you have important decisions to make. What is your #1 task?
Open a separate bank account for Your business
Posted on Jul 15, 2021 by Keith R. Hall
Have you outgrown your current home?
Has your lifestyle changed? Have you outgrown your current home? Consider taking the next step.
Posted on Jul 08, 2021 by Scott Scribner
Does My Business Need an EIN?
If you plan to have employees, do you need an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?
Posted on Jul 01, 2021 by Keith R. Hall
Growing your Business through Social Media
Are you engaging with your customers through social media?
Posted on Jun 24, 2021 by Scott P. Stryker

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Self Made

Self Made Blog

Self Made is our staff blog. Our resident Government Relations expert (Katie Vlietstra) works hard to relay the information that you need to know about what's happening in the community and how it effects you!

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NASE Partner’s with Dell for Technology Survey
Last month we partnered with Dell to survey our members about their technology usage and needs. From the impacts of COVID-19 to work-from-home to monitors and docking stations, this survey was insightful and very helpful. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you are interested in the results from this survey, follow this link to learn more.
Posted on Jun 24, 2021
5 Ideas to Make Your Small Business More Suited for 2021
The world has changed a lot since 2020, and it has not been easy for self-employed businesses and small businesses. However, those that have adapted to the new world faster and better than their competitors have managed to not just survive, but also thrive. Being able to handle the changes is crucial if a business is to go the distance.
Posted on Jun 17, 2021
How to Transition from the Corporate World to Self-Employment
Tens of millions of Americans have become freelancers in recent years. While this includes those who are simply looking for a side gig, many are steering into the self-employed lifestyle as a full-time career pivot. In fact, in 2019 it was reported that nearly a third of freelancers were working full time.
Posted on Jun 17, 2021
How to Negotiate Your Wages as a Freelance Worker
Wages are one of the touchiest subjects of the entire freelance lifestyle. When you’re a third-party worker looking into an organizational system from the outside, the question of compensation can be confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming.
Posted on Jun 02, 2021
Practical Tips for Improving Customer Trust in Your Small Business
Do you have a small business in which you’re struggling to build customer trust? If so, you’re not alone, for many entrepreneurs this can prove to be a common challenge. Large companies, corporations, and chains can often have a much easier time when it comes to building trust with customers, making it less of an uphill climb. But just because it’s a common challenge, it doesn’t mean there aren’t workable and effective solutions you can apply.
Posted on May 28, 2021

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