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The SelfInformed is a monthly publication that has all sorts of useful informational articles such as how to prepare your taxes, manage your marketing dollars effectively, utilize some of the more popular NASE business tools and more!  The best part... it's a FREE publication!  Here are the most recent releases...


Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Retirement as a Small Business Owner
Small business owners know what it’s like to take care of everyone else — constantly ensuring customers are delighted, employees are satisfied, and their families are nourished. But often that leaves little time for other considerations, like planning for retirement. The thought can be overwhelming on top of all the other things that fall into the lap of a small business owner. And being self-employed means there is no company matching retirement contributions or making investment decisions.
Posted on Nov 23, 2020
Contested 2020 Presidential Election; Former Vice President Biden on Track for 306 Electoral College Votes
Note: The NASE does not endorse political candidates Former Vice President Joe Biden is on track to be declared the winner of the 2020 presidential campaign, unseating President Trump following a bitter campaign during a global health pandemic.
Posted on Nov 23, 2020 by Katie Vlietstra
When to Splurge and When to Save: A Guide to Helping Self-Employed Individuals Budget for Their Organization
Congratulations on starting your own small business. You’re finally self-employed. Being your own boss comes with a lot of perks. You can take long lunches and create your own schedule, but it’s also a big step with a definite learning curve. Much of that learning relates to money. You’re not getting a regular paycheck anymore. How are you going to pay the bills every month and still save for retirement?
Posted on Oct 29, 2020
Small Business Owners Head to the Polls As Further Relief Opportunities Dim
The House, Senate and White House, are all battling in a legislative standoff, with Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Mnuchin attempting to navigate a challenging environment to advance a $2T relief package primarily aimed at supporting small businesses, the unemployed, and local and state municipalities.
Posted on Oct 29, 2020
7 Small Business Ideas to be Your Own Boss and Work from Anywhere
Be your own boss. It’s an alluring thought for all the freedom it implies: Make your own schedule; work from home or anywhere else; do what you want; and keep all the money you earn.
Posted on Sep 27, 2020
Small Business Community Calls for Congressional Action
Small Business Community Calls for Congressional Action The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) along with its fellow leading small business associations, through the Small Business Roundtable, are calling on Congressional leaders to take immediate action in support of America’s 30 million small businesses.
Posted on Sep 27, 2020
Best 9 Technology Hacks for Small Business Owners
On top of actually selling, small business owners often singlehandedly manage a variety of day-to-day tasks: accounting, record-keeping, inventory, marketing, and more. Without a large team of specialized employees or a large budget for outsourcing such work, the more mundane details of maintaining a company can become overwhelming.
Posted on Aug 26, 2020
Empowering Self-Employment
Yengyee Lor is an NASE Member from Weston, Wisconsin and is the Founder, Coach, and Consultant at Faithful Consulting LLC. Faithful Consulting provides leadership, training, team building, facilitation, goal planning, strategizing, coaching, counseling, assessments, and management to help individuals and organizations with meaningful solutions that create positive and meaningful solutions both internally and externally.
Posted on Aug 26, 2020
Congress Recesses; Trump Signs One Executive Order and Three Memorandums in Response to COVID-19
On Saturday, August 8, President Trump signed for executive orders in an effort to provide economic relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. Congress was unable to come to an agreement prior to the August recess; however, House and Senate leaders have said they will call back members if a deal materializes during the recess.
Posted on Aug 26, 2020
7 Ways To Get New Customers
Whether you’re launching a new venture or already have an established customer base, the key to growing your small business is winning new customers. The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) offers seven proven techniques for reaching new customers. These methods are used by businesses large and small, but most cost little beyond a commitment to their implementation and sustained practice.
Posted on Jul 24, 2020

NASE Minute

Perhaps you just want to sit back once a week and watch a video with the latest business tip from the NASE? We've got you covered! The NASE Minute is our weekly video series designed to focus on some of the most commonly asked about topics and presented in a short amount of time so you can get what you need to know and be on your way!

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Keep Your Old Phone
Learn how your old phone can be put to use around the house.
Posted on Dec 03, 2020 by Cameron Brown
Average Lifespan of a Computer
How long can you go before you need to upgrade your computer hardware?
Posted on Nov 26, 2020 by Cameron Brown
Small Business Saturday
Shop Small and Shop Local. Small Business Saturday is celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving
Posted on Nov 19, 2020 by Katie Vlietstra
Happy Thanksgiving!
From our table to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted on Nov 12, 2020 by Keith R. Hall
Home Inspections
Home inspection can be reassuring and exhausting all at the same time.
Posted on Nov 05, 2020 by Scott Scribner

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Self Made

Self Made Blog

Self Made is our staff blog. Our resident Government Relations expert (Katie Vlietstra) works hard to relay the information that you need to know about what's happening in the community and how it effects you!

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The eCommerce Black Friday Guide for Small Business
Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are fast approaching as well as the rest of the holiday season shopping rush. If you are selling goods or services online as a small business owner then you must give yourself enough time to prepare. Especially this year, where many brick and mortar stores have limited hours or have closed completely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although many things have changed during these unprecedented times, one thing you can count on is that people will continue to be on the hunt for the best deals. While big businesses always make bank during this weekend, small businesses can do incredibly well too. Here are some tips to start preparing your business now and stay ahead of the curve.
Posted on Nov 16, 2020
New Dell Technologies Partnership and Growth Grants
NASE is thrilled to share news about our new partnership with Dell Technologies, which makes learning and working easier and more interactive with their high-tech laptops, desktops, servers, mobile workstations, and electronics. Dell’s mission statement involves driving human progress by allowing better access to technology worldwide.
Posted on Sep 16, 2020
Tech Tools for Small Business Owners to Help Maintain Efficiencies During Critical Times
Entrepreneurs risk it all to launch and maintain a successful business. There are numerous hurdles to overcome along the way. Many small business owners are now facing new challenges given the current state of the economy and new regulations due to the pandemic. However, small business owners are quite resilient and are managing to thrive even during tough times. To help ease the transition into new territory there are many resources and tools that can be implemented. Technology, especially, can help to keep businesses on track.
Posted on Aug 25, 2020
How You Can Find New Clients as a Freelancer
The gig economy has been gaining ground for years. As of 2017, there were 55 million gig workers in the U.S. alone. Thanks to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely we’ll see an even greater rise in gig workers and freelancers throughout the country.
Posted on Aug 20, 2020
Resources for Disabled Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
One of the greatest perks of living in America is the ability to hone a creative idea into a business started from scratch. Anyone with the right mindset and a smart product can make the dream happen. People with disabilities may feel like they have a steeper hill to climb, but that is not necessarily the case.
Posted on Jul 30, 2020

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