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MyKlovr - College and Career Planning

MyKlovr is a transformative tool for anyone planning an education or pursuing a career, at any point in their life’s journey. Whether you’re a 9th grader just starting to muse about college, or an experienced worker looking to acquire credentials for a new role – myKlovr gathers the resources to help you assess your talents, benchmark strengths and skills, research potential options and discover meaningful solutions.

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Along the way, myKlovr provides the expert advice to guide your thinking, hone your strategy, and make your most insightful decisions – on a completely personalized basis. Available online 24/7.

MyKlovr’s proprietary advising algorithms are founded on years of intensive software development – building, training and testing an artificial-intelligence system that encapsulates the expertise of 50,000 seasoned college and career counselors. The result is a 95% success rate for placement in our participants’ chosen programs. 

With 70% of American high school students now lacking any sort of college or career counseling at school, myKlovr answers a crying need for quality virtual counseling —available to masses of people, at a disruptively reasonable price.

But it’s also designed to serve the diverse and evolving needs of the 21st century workforce, helping individuals of any age get training, sharpen skills, gain certifications, and find ways to pay via scholarships, grants, and loans. We empower people to reach their fullest potential over a lifetime of learning – whether academic, technical, or vocational.

In short, myKlovr is the first one-stop shop for educational and career advancement. It’s a place for individuals to pursue dreams, and businesses to pursue talent – in one inclusive environment for the benefit of both."

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