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Home Office Roundup

Apr 25, 2011

Posted by Molly Nelson - Let's start the week with some home office-focused articles. Feel free to share any additional tips or advice in the comments!

Small Biz Bee has 11 tips on managing working from home, while Freelance Folder offers 10 home office time savers.

Chief Home Officer is an expert on all things home office, and offers home office tips on a wide range of subjects from making your home office both comfortable and productive, sharing a home office with your spouse and which shredder is the best investment (no really, check out the picture!).

And if you're feeling a bit stressed, your home office may just be in need of a little feng shui.


[11 Ways to Manage Working From Home]
[10 Home Office Time Savers]
[Home Office Creature Comforts]
[Guest Post: Sharing a Home Office With Your Spouse – How to Make It Work]
[A Home Office Shredder That Really Shreds]
[Feng Shui Tips for the Home Office]

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