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I am new to the area and want to buy my first home. I don’t really know anyone here and need to find a good real estate agent. What do you recommend?

Nov 16, 2014
Great question. I congratulate you on being proactive in choosing a real estate professional. Your efforts should pay  dividends. First, I suggest you perform an honest self-assessment of what characteristics are important to you. Are there certain neighborhoods you have an interest in? A specific price range? Are you looking for someone with youthful enthusiasm or perhaps a seasoned professional  with years of experience in the business? Do you prefer someone with creative flair or a number cruncher? When you have answered these questions, I recommend you reach out to contacts  you have met locally . Request referrals  of real estate professionals  they have direct experience with  that provided exceptional service. If that is not an option, set appointments to meet with the managing brokers  of local real estate offices. In person is best. A managing broker should be able to connect you with a qualified professional. I recommend interviewing  at least 3 different real estate professionals before making a final decision. Good Luck!

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