NASE Minute Video Archive

NASE Minute Archive

The NASE Minute is a series of videos created by our own experts and released weekly that are designed to help you get the edge you need to help your business succeed. These videos will help you...

  • Start Building the Business Behind Your Great Idea
  • Grow the business You've Worked so Hard to Establish
  • Save on the Business Expenses it takes to keep your business moving

Know How to Deal with Unhappy Customers

When you encounter an unhappy customer, the first thing you should do is try to understand their issue.

Posted on 6/15/2023 by Cameron Brown

Should I Pay off the Mortgage on my House?

If I have the available cash, should I pay off my mortgage?

Posted on 6/8/2023 by Keith R. Hall

Common Problems When Purchasing Property

Self-Informed eNewsletter

Posted on 6/1/2023 by Scott Scribner

How to Promote your Business with Blogging

Blogging is a great way to reach a wide audience and build up your brand recognition.

Posted on 5/25/2023 by Cameron Brown

Accident Insurance from MetLife is an Optional Benefit with a NASE Membership

NASE members can now access Group Accident Insurance through MetLife. It’s an optional benefit that pays a lump sum if you experience specific kinds of injury as a result of an accident.

Posted on 5/18/2023 by John K. Hearrell

Do I need a Tax ID number (EIN) or can I just use my Social Security Number?

If you have employees in your business, yes, you are required to have an EIN#.

Posted on 5/11/2023 by Keith R. Hall

Celebrating Women Owned Small Businesses

Women led businesses employed over 10-million workers during 2019.

Posted on 5/4/2023 by Katie Vlietstra

Mortgage Financing for the Self-Employed

What kind of lender should I use when making a large purchase?

Posted on 4/27/2023 by Scott Scribner

Helpful Tips to Get More Customers for Your Small Business

There are several ways you can market your small business and attract new customers.

Posted on 4/20/2023 by Cameron Brown

Simple Tasks to Succeed in Your Small Business

When starting a business; you need to do your homework so that you don't get caught off guard. Here are a few tasks that will help you avoid mistakes.

Posted on 4/13/2023 by John K. Hearrell

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