NASE Minute Video Archive

NASE Minute Archive

The NASE Minute is a series of videos created by our own experts and released weekly that are designed to help you get the edge you need to help your business succeed. These videos will help you...

  • Start Building the Business Behind Your Great Idea
  • Grow the business You've Worked so Hard to Establish
  • Save on the Business Expenses it takes to keep your business moving

How To Retire Debt Free!

Retiring with debt is a scary concept. Did you know the IRS actually makes it easier to save for your retirement? Keith Hall explains how this works in this segment.

Posted on 4/6/2023 by Keith R. Hall

3 Top Small-Business Sales Tax Questions!

Understanding sales tax can be a bit of a pain point for small-businesses but they don't have to be! NASE has an expert for that! In this video, Ryan Hall answers the 3 top asked questions from the small-business community.

Posted on 3/30/2023 by Ryan Hall

7 Highly Effective Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Here are a few tips to help you market your product or service more effectively.

Posted on 3/23/2023 by John K. Hearrell

Tips & Tricks For AWESOME Website Content

A poor website can be problematic for your business. Master the Art of Crafting Compelling Website Content with These Proven Tips and Techniques

Posted on 3/16/2023 by Cameron Brown

Get $3,000 For Your Child's College

College is expensive. Dependents of NASE Members can get $3,000 for college! Over $1.8 million has already been awarded!

Posted on 3/9/2023 by Scott P. Stryker

Do I really need a CPA to do my tax return?

Keith Hall (a real life CPA by the way) is back to help you decide whether or not you really need a CPA for your small-business taxes.

Posted on 3/2/2023 by Keith R. Hall

Hire Your Kid TAX FREE!

Do you like working with your child? Did you know you can pay your child up to $12k each year TAX FREE! Watch Keith Hall explain how in this video.

Posted on 2/13/2023 by Keith R. Hall

Best Self-Employed Retirement Plans

In this video, Keith Hall talks about what he thinks are the best self-employed retirement (SEP) plans. Consider making contributions to your plan of choice today!

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Keith R. Hall

How to Stay Up to Date with Congressional Activity

Learn more about Congressional Activity and Read Proposals.

Posted on 2/2/2023 by Katie Vlietstra

Growth Grant

Apply for an NASE Growth Grant Today!

Posted on 1/26/2023 by Scott P. Stryker

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