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Business Owners: Tips to Improve Your Life

Aug 24, 2021

Owning a business can be so enriching, and give you a real sense of accomplishment, aside from the joy of being your own boss. But with these great elements come great responsibility, which can sometimes overwhelm business owners both at work and at home. Let’s explore 10 steps business owners are taking today to help improve their overall quality of life.

1. Start with a plan
Sit down, turn off the TV, and make a plan for success. This plan can be anything from a schedule to a vision board. The planning process is what is really important when making big changes, however positive. Make SMART goals for yourself and set deadlines for these goals, to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

2. Develop new and improved processes
If you’ve found yourself distracted and unable to start or complete tasks, it’s time to change your processes. For example, if you have a hard time focusing when working from home, consider purchasing a pair of wireless earbuds to block out household distractions. Or set your alarm for an hour earlier, and use that time to meditate, clean, and generally prepare for a successful and productive day.


3. Create metrics to measure progress
If weight loss is your goal, track your calories, steps or work-out routine each day. If paying off debt is the goal you are shooting for, set up alerts for your accounts, and keep track of your progress, so that you can plan your next steps, and feel a sense of accomplishment as you come closer to achieving your goal.

4. Build strong network
It’s important to surround yourself with the type of people who will support, teach and inspire you. Adopt a “fake it till you make it” strategy and dress and carry yourself for the job or the life you want to achieve, and choose friends who will support you on your journey. If you find that there is someone in your life who isn’t helping you meet your goals, you may need to create some distance.

5. Keep learning
The world’s most successful CEOs and executives often read between 4 and 5 books per month. Leaders are always learning and growing, and know enough to know they don’t really know anything. Reading is a great and relaxing way to learn new things while recharging. Or substitute a documentary for reality TV in your free time.

6. Work smarter not harder
Take time to think about your process before you start a task, and ensure that it is as streamlined and organized as possible. Many people looking for ways to work smarter and not harder are asking, What is change management in project management? Change management is the process of becoming comfortable with change, and pivoting as needed, in real-time, as business needs or priorities change. Adopting these change management methods in your personal and professional life is a great way to stay open and ready for new opportunities.

7. Make Yourself Approachable
People should feel free to come to you with any issues or problems, and know that you won’t judge them. If you give off an unhappy or unapproachable vibe, you might miss out on really great friendships or life changing career opportunities. Good leaders mentor their employees and teach them new processes.


8. Regular Communication
74% of companies had all staff working remotely during COVID, with many employees reporting that they loved remote work, but didn’t love the feeling of isolation that comes from being forced to stay home. Set a goal of regular daily communication with friends, family and colleagues and watch better and healthier relationships bloom.

9. Mind Your Health
The first thing to fall by the wayside for business owners is their own health and wellbeing. They are so focused on the wellbeing of the business and employees, that they put their own health needs on the back burner. Eat healthier and make time for exercise every day, things proven to help focus and memory, and thus productivity.

10.  Manage Your Time Better
A Statistic Brain study found that entrepreneurs often underestimate time requirements and get behind. Procrastination is an easy pitfall when you become overwhelmed, making time management the final important step to consider when taking steps to improve your life. Try a to-do list, or take time to write down and prioritize all goals for the day!

Business owners often sacrifice their bodies and minds for the business, not realizing that not taking care of themselves could and will cause their business to suffer. Follow these 10 easy steps for a more productive, fulfilling work and home life!

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Nick Rojas

Nick Rojas

Nick Andrew Rojas is a business consultant turned journalist who loves working with small and medium-sized companies. He has contributed to many publications such as Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, and Yahoo. In his spare time, he hangs out at the beach with his dog Presto.


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