NASE Joins "Expansive" Coalition in Opposing SHOP SAFE Act

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NASE Joins "Expansive" Coalition in Opposing SHOP SAFE Act

NASE joined an expansive coalition of industry lobbyists, advocacy groups and academics in requesting House and Senate leadership to remove the SHOP SAFE Act from the House passed COMPETES Act during the conference period with the Senate as the reconcile the COMPETES Act with United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 (USICA). 

This follows NASE's active advocacy in the spring 2021 to support efforts in the Senate to revise the INFORM Act that was ultimately successful and included in the USICA legislation passed by the Senate. 

NASE believes that the INFORM Act changes address the concerns that supporters of the SHOP SAFE Act believe are important to ensure a competitive, international landscape, without harming small businesses that leverage online platforms. 

Read the full letter to House and Senate Leadership.

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