5 Fitness Tips For Road Warriors


5 Fitness Tips For Road Warriors

Finding time to tend to health and well-being is a challenge for the notoriously time-starved self-employed. Throw a business trip into the mix and it’s easy to make excuses to slack off.

However, with a little planning, staying fit on the road can be accomplished and even enjoyable.

1. Pack For Success
Resistance bands and yoga mats are inexpensive, lightweight and don’t take up valuable luggage space. These are great strength-training tools that enable you to engage in a range of exercises that target the whole body.

Items like FitDeck Exercise Playing Cards, which detail various exercises, can help lead you through a workout in the comfort of your hotel room. Jump ropes are handy, too.

2. Turn On Tech Gadgets
Technology can be a real health helper.

Bring along exercise DVDs to play on your laptop. Or visit Web sites like Fittv.com and Exercisetv.tv, which provide exercise program show times and channels, streaming videos and downloadable podcasts of varying lengths.

You can also check out iPhone exercise apps.

3. Head Outside
After spending countless hours confined to a stuffy airplane or hotel room, sometimes you just need to get outside.

Go for a walk. It’s a great way to discover sights and shops or an interesting restaurant for a business lunch. If you’d like to map your route or access existing courses, try free sites like Mapmywalk.com or Mapmyrun.com

4. Get An Airport Workout
Some airports have created gyms within the terminals, such as the Las Vegas 24-hour Fitness Center. Travelers also have access to centers located in hotels that are adjacent to airports and accessible from terminals, such as Orlando’s Hyatt Regency, Detroit Metro’s Westin Hotel and Chicago O’Hare’s Hilton.

Numerous other airports have fitness clubs nearby that can be reached by cab, mass transit or even a short walk. Check out Web sites like Airportgyms.com for more info.

5. If Illness Strikes
Try to prevent illness by getting plenty of sleep. And keep those pesky germs at bay by your washing your hands frequently. Taking along a bottle of hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol is also a good idea.

But, if you get sick while traveling, the NASE can help.

You can call TelaDoc, a network of board certified primary care physicians available nationwide for non-emergency medical assistance. Simply make a phone call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and speak to a licensed doctor, usually in less than three hours. Go to www.NASE.org. Enter the Quick Link “TelaDoc” for more information, and to set up your account before you leave for your trip.

If you’re more than 100 miles from home and fall ill, Assist America Global Emergency Services can come to your rescue. Services such as medical consultation, emergency evacuation, prescription assistance and many more are available for NASE Members. Find out more at www.NASE.org. Enter Quick Link “Assist.”

Courtesy of NASE.org