America's Self-Employed: Not So "Bunny" (Huffington Post)


America's Self-Employed: Not So "Bunny" (Huffington Post)

The Obama Administration is trying desperately to create jobs and boost our sluggish economy. But the public increasingly thinks the President's economic policies are making things worse. The latest Pew Research Center survey clearly illustrates the pessimism that continues to loom like a dark cloud over the nation. For the first time, more people now believe that Administration policies have made economic conditions worse (29%) than they have made them better (23%).

For the nation's self-employed, the root of that pessimism is frustratingly simple: the Administration talks a good game about supporting small businesses while quietly issuing backdoor rules and regulations that pull the rug out from under our entrepreneurs. It's as though they just don't appreciate who small business owners are, how they operate and why one more IRS reporting requirement can make the difference between just making it and packing it in.

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