Small Biz Reax To POTUS Jobs Plan


Small Biz Reax To POTUS Jobs Plan

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Small Tweaks to Existing Law Creates Jobs and Boosts Economy

Washington, D.C., September 8, 2011 – As President Barack Obama presents the American Jobs Act before a joint session of Congress, Kristie L. Arslan, President & CEO of the National Association for the Self-Employed, the leading advocate for our nation’s smallest businesses - the self-employed and micro-businesses - offered the following statement on critical actions both the President and Congress can take to get our economy moving: 

“We can all agree that we must take bold action to address persistently high unemployment and get Americans back to work. Small business is the engine of our economy and now is not the time to pay lip service to the small business community - now is the time to turn those words into action.

“America’s smallest businesses - the self-employed and micro-business - are looking for our policymakers to make small tweaks to existing law that will go a long way.

“The key is for any action taken to have a measurable and positive impact on the economy. Economists estimate that each dollar added to employees’ paychecks thanks to payroll tax relief generates 90 cents in spending. A pretty good economic stimulus, but extending that same dollar to employers as well will generate an additional $1.20 in economic activity. Broad payroll tax relief will allow the self-employed, who pay both the employee and employer portions of the payroll tax, to significantly stimulate the economy. Stabilization and growth is essential to creating the conditions for adding jobs and getting America back to work.”

In advance of President Obama’s jobs speech before Congress, Arslan authored an op-ed in Roll Call, Open Letter to the President and Congress, that called on the President and Congress to make the tough decisions required to fix our economy.

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