Washington Watch - November 2, 2011


Washington Watch - November 2, 2011

3% Withholding Repeal Passes House, Heads To Senate

The House recently passed the government contractor withholding repeal bill, H.R. 674, by an overwhelming majority. The Senate will consider it in the coming weeks. The Obama Administration supports a repeal and has agreed to the revenue offset which is a change in a specific calculation in the health care insurance subsidies yet to come.

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Congress Searches For Budget/Deficit Deal That Can Pass

The budget super committee has three weeks until their deadline. At the same time, House and Senate leaders are working to broker a deal based on the super committee's expected recommendations. Members of both parties are searching to come to an agreement on a proposal that will garner enough support to pass and land the bill on the president's desk.

Find out more about the super committee's progress here:

Study: Small Biz Leads In Green Technology, Patents

When it comes to green technology innovation, small business is leading the way according to a report released by the SBA Office of Advocacy. The study was designed to highlight differences in the patent activity of small and large firms in green technologies and industries. The study also showed that small businesses apply for patents more often and have important patents relative to their size. 

Read more about this study here.

Census: Small Firm Numbers Decline In 2009

The U.S. Census Bureau released data on firm births, deaths and job creation for 2008. Nonemployer data for 2009 was also updated and saw a decline from 2008 levels.

See the data here.

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