NASE Congratulates SBA Administrator Mills on Cabinet Level Role


NASE Congratulates SBA Administrator Mills on Cabinet Level Role

In a letter to Administrator Karen Mills, NASE congratulates her newly designated cabinet level status and applauds President Obama's decision to elevate the Small Business Administration to cabinet level status during this time of reorganization and consolidation.  

NASE Letter to SBA Administrator Karen Mills


January 25, 2012

Dear Administrator Mills:

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate you on your newly designated cabinet level status. President Obama’s decision to elevate the Small Business Administration shows his commitment to ensuring that the small business community, including the 22 million self-employed, has a strong voice within his Administration and the federal government.

The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) views this move along with the President’s request to consolidate and reorganize six major organizations, including the Department of Commerce and the Small Business Administration, into a new federal department as positive and timely. As you are well aware, the small business community is an engine of economic growth and will serve so indefinitely. With the consolidation of resources into one organization, we believe that the many factors that dissuade individuals from pursuing their dream of self-employment, mainly bureaucratic red tape, can be improved upon or eliminated.

As you work with your fellow colleagues in the Administration to create this new agency we implore you to consider several important items. 

First, it is imperative that the leadership team of the new agency has a clear understanding on its mission of supporting entrepreneurship and job growth for the U.S.. Secondly, reorganization does not mean elimination of key programs and services for the self-employed and micro-businesses. Finally, clear and open communication with stakeholders throughout the process. To date, NASE has participated in the two conference calls held on the announced reorganization and consolidation and while we understand that Congress needs to grant the authority, continued communication and dissemination of the detailed proposal would be incredibly helpful for those stakeholders to review and provide input.

Once again, we offer our congratulations on your ascent to cabinet level status and we look forward to working with you on the reorganization and consolidation efforts.


Kristie Arslan President & CEO 

National Association for the Self-Employed

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