2012 Republican Platform Released


2012 Republican Platform Released

Republicans released their 2012 party platform in Tampa, the platform outlines the guiding principles for the Republican party.  The platform addresses issues of importance to the small business community with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, but makes no mention of the self-employed specifically:

"America’s small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, employing tens of millions of workers. Small businesses create the vast majority of jobs, patents, and U.S. exporters. Under the current Administration, we have the lowest rate of business startups in thirty years. Small businesses are the leaders in the world’s advances in technology and innovation, and we pledge to strengthen that role and foster small business entrepreneurship.

While small businesses have significantly contributed to the nation’s economic growth, our government has failed to meet its small business goals year after year and failed to overcome burdensome regulatory, contracting, and capital barriers. This impedes their growth.

We will reform the tax code to allow businesses to generate enough capital to grow and create jobs for our families, friends and neighbors all across America. We will encourage investments in small businesses. We will create an environment where adequate financing and credit are available to spur manufacturing and expansion. We will serve as aggressive advocates for small businesses."

The full text of the 2012 Republican Platform can be found here: http://www.gop.com/2012-republican-platform_Restoring/#Item2

Courtesy of NASE.org