Democrats Release 2012 Party Platform


Democrats Release 2012 Party Platform

On the opening day of the Democratic Convention, party officials released the 2012 platform outlining key principles for governing and the vision for America moving forward.  

The platform contains the following language targeted to the small business community (there is no mention of the self-employed in the platform): 

"Helping Small Business. Small businesses employ half of all working Americans, and, over the last two decades, have created two out of three net new jobs. Democrats believe that small businesses are the engine of job growth in America. 

President Obama signed 18 small-business tax cuts to encourage with a tax credit to help pay for the cost of coverage. In 2014, the tax credit will grow and small businesses will be able to pool their purchasing power together to get affordable coverage.

We recognize the importance of small business to women, people of color, tribes, and rural America and will work to help nurture entrepreneurship.

President Obama and the Democratic Party are committed to continue cutting red tape for small businesses, helping them sell their goods around the world and access the capital they need to grow. This includes tax cuts for small businesses that make new investments, hire more workers, or increase wages."

The full text of the 2012 Democratic Party Platform can be found here:

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