1st Debate Analysis: Gov. Romney Had a Good Night


1st Debate Analysis: Gov. Romney Had a Good Night

Politics is a sport and therefore, folks love to claim "winners" and "losers" for debates.  For the most part, analysts and commentators agree that Gov. Romney prevailed over President Obama in the 1st presidential debate held on Wednesday.  What did you think?  Below is a sampling of analysis of Wednesday's debate:

Romney Charges Out of the Gate in First Debate (Real Clear Politics)

A Clash of Philosophies (New York Times)

The Season of Debates (New York Times)

Obama's Debate Strategy: Unilateral Disarmament (TIME)

The Silver Lining for Obama (The New Republic)

The candidates will next meet on October 16th for a foreign-policy focused debate.  This will follow the Vice-Presidential debate on October 11th.  Full debate schedule. 

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