2nd Presidential Debate to Feature "Town Hall" Format


2nd Presidential Debate to Feature "Town Hall" Format

This evening, President Obama and Governor Romney will meet for the second of three Presidential debates.  The candidates will answer questions submitted to moderator, Candy Crowley, creating a Town Hall environment.  For President Obama, this will be an opportunity to re-bound from what many political analysts have agreed was a disastrous first debate experience, allowing for Gov. Romney to gain, if not overtake, the President in many national polls.

For Governor Romney, he will need to emulate his success in the first debate, without making any unforced political errors. While Crowley will have ultimate say in what type of questions are asked of the candidates, expect more natural questions that relate personally to the submitter.  

While debates don't make or break campaigns, they do speak to momentum and right now Governor Romney has momentum at his back, allowing for this election to become much tighter in the final stretch.  

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Courtesy of NASE.org