Washington Watch - October 6, 2016


Washington Watch - October 6, 2016

VP Debate

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) met in the first and only vice presidential debate at Longwood University. This comes one week after Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump met for the first of three debates. If you happen to have missed the debate, the Washington Post has a great video that sums up the debate in a short, sweet three minute video.

While there was no big surprise in the debate, many analysts believed that Governor Pence reaped the most reward from his debate performance, given the challenging week of the Trump campaign’s response to the first presidential debate, Pence gave something for Republicans to at least cheer about for the immediate future.

Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump will meet this Saturday, October 9 at Washington University for their second debate.

Government Shut Down Averted...AGAIN

The Senate and House agreed to a short term spending bill that keeps the Federal Government open through Dec. 9th, setting up an interesting fight post-election for spending in a new presidential administration and new Congress.

Congressional Republicans were thwarted in advancing a spending bill earlier in the month due to the lack of funding for Zika and the Flint, MI- two significant public health issues that Congress has been wary to act appropriate funds, however, Democrats forced the issue and the Sept. 28th bill includes: $1.1 billion to battle Zika, $500M for flood relief in Louisiana and other states, and $170M to assist Flint with their contaminated water crises.

A much larger bill and long term funding bill will be hashed out following the November election cycle.

Overtime Legislation Update

The House passed H.R. 6094, The Regulatory Relief for Small Businesses, Schools, and Nonprofits Act, by a vote of 246-177, with Democratic Representatives Ashford, Cuellar, Lipinski, Peterson, and Sinema joining all Republicans in support of the bill which provides a six month delay of the overtime rule.

In the Senate, Senator Lankford (R-OK) introduced the S. 3462, Regulatory Relief for Small Businesses, Schools, and Nonprofits Act (S. 3462) with Senator Collins (R-ME). Additionally, the Senators Alexander (R-TN), Lankford (R-OK), Scott (R-SC), and Flake (R-AZ) introduced S. 3464, the Overtime Reform and Review Act, which would phase-in the proposed regulation and is framed off of the House legislation (H.R. 5813) introduced by Rep. Schrader (D-OR).

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