Why Small Businesses Should be Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns


Why Small Businesses Should be Creating Facebook Ad Campaigns

Did you know that there are more than 2.89 billion active Facebook users? As the power of social media continues to make itself known, this figure will continue to grow. If you happen to own a small business, it only makes sense that you should take advantage of this incredibly massive demographic.

It is a bit ironic that many entrepreneurs have yet to leverage the possibilities. Whether resulting from a lack of resources or not fully understanding the scope of Facebook, this can be a huge mistake. Let's look at some of how Facebook advertising can take the success of your business to the next level and beyond.

Lead Generation
When we consider that more than one-third of the global population uses Facebook daily, it shows that this portal is one of the best ways to generate quality leads. Take full advantage of the opportunity to connect with a truly global audience.

The Almighty Dollar
Take a moment to think about how much money you spend on advertising each month. Most small businesses are (rightfully) concerned about tight budgets. The good news is that Facebook ads are some of the most cost-effective ways to make your presence known. You can also decide how much you wish to spend and this enables you to stretch even the most limited of funds. The same cannot always be said for other methods such as PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns and third-party marketing.

Speaking with the Right Audience
Let us now look at two basic marketing questions:
 - How are we doing?
 - How did we do?

The second question is associated with a more proactive mindset. Simply stated, you should always be able to make minor changes so that larger mistakes can be avoided. This is especially relevant in terms of targeting the right audience at the right times.

Facebook advertisements are unique in the fact that you can gather real-time feedback by addressing a specific audience. As an analogy, it is better to use a scalpel as opposed to a broadsword when creating an online marketing campaign. You can perform split tests (targeting two different audiences) to determine which group responds the most favorably. This saves time as well as money.

Website Integration: Facebook Pixel
It is very easy to link Facebook posts back to an official website. However, did you know that a unique tool known as Facebook Pixel provides you with an even greater opportunity for growth?

We can think of Pixel as a built-in analytical tool. Without getting into overly technical details, it allows you to re-target users who may have shown interest in the past but failed to take any real action. Examples include anyone who recently visited your site via a Facebook hyperlink and anyone who might have failed to complete a transaction. Pixel can provide your website with yet another tool to efficiently target "warm" prospects and ultimately, to increase conversion rates.

Media Content
Posting regular media content is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. The only problem is that some small business owners don't possess the technical knowledge to deal with HTML coding. As a result, they might fail to take advantage of this valuable tool.

Because videos can dramatically increase your conversion rates, why not leverage Facebook? Posting a video involves nothing more than a basic knowledge of copy and paste. As this type of content is often preferred by social media users, you will be able to target a wider audience base. A link can also be included back to your website or even a specific product that you happen to be offering.

Addressing Mobile Users
Users who have downloaded the Facebook application spend nearly one hour interacting with their profile content daily. This is more than double the time devoted to any other app related to social media. When we remember that small businesses need to effectively target on-the-go users, Facebook represents the perfect tool. Although having a mobile-responsive website is important, of what use is this presence if no one is aware of its existence? Engaging with your Facebook audience will enable you to better highlight the products and services that you have to offer.

On a final note, Facebook ad campaigns are extremely effective at illustrating the trending nature of your business. Word of mouth goes a long way today. If you have been hesitant to embrace the sheer scope of this community, there is no time better than the present to make some much-needed changes. Feel free to refer to the advice mentioned above if you wish to provide your budding enterprise with the exposure that it deserves.

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