What is Happening on Capitol Hill


What is Happening on Capitol Hill

This past week, the President signed the $1.5 trillion government funding bill with Ukraine aid. The funding bill, which received bipartisan approval, passed the Senate in a 68-31 vote and the House 361-69. This will provide funding through September 30, 2022.

The legislation will provide the following:

  • $13.6 billion in new aid to Ukraine
  • $730 billion in non-defense funding -- a 6.7% increase over fiscal year 2021 – to fund the majority of the President’s bipartisan infrastructure deal
  • $782 billion in defense funding, a 5.6% increase over fiscal year 2021. The government is now funded through fiscal year 2022, which started in October.

The bill did not include additional COVID-19 funding that was requested by the President.

In other Hill news, the Senate did pass a bipartisan bill to make daylight savings permanent. The House hasn’t said when they would take up the legislation, but Speaker Pelosi said she is supportive of the measure.

Courtesy of NASE.org