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How are energy costs affecting your business? (June 2008)
The high price of energy has become a hot topic both on the news and here in Washington, DC. As a consumer you are experiencing the affects of these high costs at the gas pump.
How are energy costs affecting your business? (June 2008), at the gas pump. Well, we want to know how the high energy costs are affecting your business and what, , such as gasoline prices, affecting your business? (Your response should relate to your business only, extent are increased energy costs negatively affecting your business? <><> 39% Significantly hurting my business 38% Moderately hurting my business 18% Slightly hurting my business 04% No affect on my business 3. Have increased


Regulatory Burdens on Small Firms: What Rules Need Reforms?
NASE Member Scott Scribner testified on Capitol Hill regarding the importance of the SBA Office of Advocacy’s Regulatory Review and Reform (r3) initiative to reduce the confusion and complexity surrounding the home office deduction. Key hurdles faced by the self-employed in taking this deduction are the strict qualifying requirements, the complexity of the form and instructions, and the underlying fear that employing this tax benefit will flag them for review or audit by the IRS.
for a number of years. Along with my wife Barbara, I own a real estate sales business in Plano, Texas, Need Reforms?" House Committee on Small Business Subcommittee on Regulations, Health Care, that is important to my business as well as to all the home-based entrepreneurs represented by the National, was a commercial banker and President of a small East Texas bank. Our business currently has one full time employee but we hope to expand our team in the near future. We’ve operated the business


National Association for the Self-Employed Statement on Signing of Retirement Security Executive Order
Today, National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE), the nation’s leading advocate and resource for the self-employed and micro-businesses, offered the following statement on President Trump’s signing of an executive order said to be opening multiple employer plans (MEPs) to small businesses and “expand(ing) access to workplace retirement savings plans for American workers.”
continued, “Multiple employer plans are one option in helping pave the way for America’s small business, to be opening multiple employer plans (MEPs) to small businesses and “expand(ing) access to workplace retirement savings plans for American workers.” The executive order would no longer require small businesses to have formal business ties and instead would allow small, independent employers to join together through MEPs to offer workers access to 401k retirement savings plans. “Small businesses


Let's Talk About Retirement Savings
small businesses to setup 401(k) plans for employees, saying the benefits far outweigh the cons. And of course, NASE Members have access to Retirement and Estate Planning Experts at the NASE Business, a retirement plan, and the half of Americans who do not have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan, Members to plan and strategize for their retirement. Here are two links I found recently that may, us and tell us how your retirement planning is going. We look forward to hearing from you!


Words Of Wisdom
Startups need to take extra care to avoid obvious missteps that could kill their ventures before the inevitable economic turnaround kicks in and carries them to the relative security of an established business. We’ve gathered some gems of wisdom just for you.
A Plan Once fledgling business owners decide they can and want to run a company, the most important task should be to write a business plan, says NASE Member Will Wiebe, an executive, life, career and transition coach in Portland, Ore. “If properly prepared [a business plan] can be an invaluable planning tool as well as a means of measuring your progress toward your business objective,” Wiebe says. “The formulation of a solid business plan needs to be viewed as an integral part of any


5 Often-Overlooked Tax Deductions for Self-Employed Workers (The Street)
This tax season, self-employed business owners and contract workers have a slew of potential deductions that could put a significant dent in their tax bill. But oftentimes these substantial write-offs are overlooked.
about deductions from contributions to a qualified retirement plan," says Hall. "Many small business, This tax season, self-employed business owners and contract workers have a slew of potential, -offs are overlooked. "There's a great opportunity for small business owners to take advantage, planner for Wealth Resources Group. "But you really don't want problems with the IRS. You want to make, , these self-employed workers can cite a variety of expenses related to business operations and employee


Seeding Self Employment
Joseph Swanson is the owner of Swanson’s Evergreen Nursery located in Niagara, Wisconsin. Throughout High School Joey was very active, keeping a 3.9 GPA (second in his class) while participating on the Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Track teams. Upon Graduation, it was no surprise to anyone that Joey was already running his own business. Swanson’s Evergreen Nursery grows most of their Evergreen trees (Christmas Trees) from seed, and ships and sells their products throughout the Midwest.
that Joey was already running his own business. Swanson’s Evergreen Nursery grows most, inspired my dad to start his own farm. When and why did you start your business? I started the business in the summer of 2013. I started my business because I knew I loved working in this type of industry, have you faced in your business? There have been several challenges within the last two years. I, and by working harder trying not to let it deter me. How do you market your business? I market


Washington Watch - June 23, 2010
: Keeping The Plan You Have When it comes to health insurance, self-employed business owners have, on energy costs remains a priority for many small business owners. Fifty percent of micro-business, in their home and business, according to a study undertaken by the NASE. Forty percent of respondents, of respondents indicated they had not undergone any energy-saving changes in their home or business, for the implementation of energy-saving measures in their home and/or business. Of those that were unsure


Business Goal setting tips and tricks
Business Goal setting tips and tricks, think that you can be someone else. If a full blown business plan works for you … great. But, it you, what your goals are be sure to religiously review financial statements, business plans and every, a decent feel on the economy and what your business is capable of achieving this year. So, if you did, are serious about setting goals and making your plan work I want to offer up a few “Tips and Tricks, set too many goals .. . Develop a plan that allows dedicated efforts without becoming sidetracked


Business Law
Business Law, Answers to your estate planning, retirement, or general business law questions, delivered promptly, . Get your questions about basic estate planning including wills, trusts and some federal estate tax, from a will and an estate plan. Consider the following questions: Are you a married couple, by a court if you die without a will? Are you aware that simple tax planning could help your heirs avoid the sale of your family business to pay estate taxes? Have you considered


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