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Most of us travel without being prepared for a medical or other emergency, or knowing how to find and obtain treatment from qualified physicians and medical facilities. That’s what makes Assist America’s Global Emergency Services so important.

The following benefits are available to Association Members at no additional cost when traveling 100 or more miles from home:

  • Medical Consultation — Calls to Assist America are evaluated by medical staff and referred to English-speaking doctors and/or hospitals.
  • Hospital Admission Guarantee — Assist America will guarantee hospital admission outside the United States by validating a member’s health coverage or advancing funds to the hospital.
  • Emergency Evacuation — Assist America uses whatever mode of transport, equipment and medical personnel necessary to evacuate you to the nearest facility capable of providing appropriate care when adequate medical facilities are not available at your location.
  • Medical Repatriation — When medically necessary upon discharge, Assist America will arrange transport back to your home, with a medical or non-medical escort as needed.
  • Prescription Assistance — If you lose or forget a prescription medication while traveling, Assist America will help replace that prescription.
  • Compassionate Visit — If you are traveling alone and are to be hospitalized for more than seven days, Assist America will provide economy round-trip transportation to the place of hospitalization for a designated person of your choice.
  • Care of Minor Children — Assist America will provide care and/or transportation of minor dependent children who are left unattended due to the medical incident.
  • Call Assist America in the event of an emergency. Any services not arranged by Assist America will not be paid or reimbursed.
  • Many other services are available, including emergency trauma counseling, legal referrals, return of mortal remains and much more.

    All Assist America services are subject to certain restrictions and are outlined in detail in the Assist America Medical Transport Summary (which supersedes all prior Assist America/Care by Air information). The above information is a partial explanation of these services, offered at the sole discretion of the NASE. The NASE reserves the right to withdraw or change this offer without notice.

    Assist America pays for all of the assistance services it arranges and provides. Please remember, any services not arranged by Assist America will not be paid or reimbursed.

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