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Be in control of your health today! Through the use of technology, healthcare is now available to consumers for use in their everyday lives. By integrating the latest advances in both information technology and the medical industry, MyMedLab utilizes a system that allows consumers to actively engage in their total wellness. By offering an online-based solution for personal health management, MyMedLab promotes three key areas in its consumer focused web-based application. 

  • Education - MyMedLab uses physician approved information about each disease in order to help guide the consumer toward an informed decision on each test they may be interested in purchasing. The educational information provided ensures that the consumer is choosing the correct test for specific health conditions they may be concerned about.
  • Management - MyMedLab's PHR (Personal Health Record) focused system delivers accurate information that can be accessed and monitored at any given time. Some benefits to being given personal access to this system includes: health monitoring through test results and Microsoft's HealthVault, confidentiality with MyMedLabs secure system (no discarded paper records), and lowered costs by managing your health personally with MyMedLab's affordable medical lab tests.
  • Ease - This area is one of the strongest aspects of MyMedLab's web application. For the new customer, the application allows simplicity by following the 6 step process using a wizard that guides the consumer through purchasing the test all the way to visiting one of the 2000 PSC (Patient Service Centers) nationwide for actual testing.

    For a returning customer, the accessibility from an internet enabled mobile device offers ease for those needing any test record urgently or in an emergency. MyMedLab's integration with the Private Health Corp and Microsoft's HealthVault networks leverage the ability for the the consumer to enter into a new phase of personal health management. The web based application offers the ability for the consumer to purchase a solution to any health questions they may have through online education and medical laboratory testing. By being able to integrate the data management capabilities of Microsoft's HealthVault, MyMedLab and its partners will revolutionize the industry by being able to place control and peace of mind back into the consumer.
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