Michigan Small Business Selected as National Association for the Self-Employed “Member Spotlight”


Michigan Small Business Selected as National Association for the Self-Employed “Member Spotlight”

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Forensic Foundations Group based in Dewitt, Michigan selected as the Featured Cover Story on NASE’s June “Self-Informed” Magazine

DALLAS, TX – Michigan based small business, Forensic Foundations Group, a forensic sciences consulting firm launched in 2013 based in Dewitt, Michigan, has been selected as this month’s National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) “Member Spotlight.”  The National Association for the Self-Employed is the nation’s leading advocate and resource for the self-employed and micro-business community. 

John M. Collins, Jr., President and Founder of the Forensic Foundations Group, is the featured cover story on June’s NASE Self-Informed Magazine.   Collins has been a local member of NASE since he launched his small business in 2013. 

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The Forensic Foundations Group, based in Dewitt, Michigan, is a consultancy which studies trends and opinions among forensic science professionals and reports their findings to the members of the Forensic Science Chamber of Commerce who use the reports to refine market strategies.  Overall, the company helps to build advanced occupational competencies among employees and administrators working in the forensic laboratory sciences.

Prior to launch Forensic Foundations Group, Collins directed seven laboratories of the Michigan State Police where he was able to lead the laboratories and their 260 employees to their first-ever international accreditation.  Collins is a 20-year veteran of forensic science, having practiced as a scientist in federal, state, and local crime laboratories. 

 “We congratulate John M. Collins, Jr. and the Forensic Foundations Group on being selected as this month’s featured cover story in our national Self-Informed Magazine,” said John Hearrell, Vice President of Membership and Affiliate Programs.  “As the nation’s leading advocate for the self-employed and businesses with less than 10 employees, it is important for us to highlight members who are on the ground doing the hard work of realizing their dream of being an entrepreneur.” 

As part of the magazine’s cover story, Collins was asked a range of questions including, “When and why did you start your business (Forensic Foundations Group)”?

Collins stated that, “Over the years, I took an interest in the Human Resources (HR) side of forensic science, specifically as it relates to the development of employees and organizations that do forensic science work in criminal cases. I reached a point where I had developed this niche expertise, and had done so much speaking and writing on the subject, that it would have seemed more ridiculous not to start the business and become self-employed than to actually do it.”

Collins continued, “I finally had to confront the very odd feeling that my own employment was holding me back. I asked myself, ‘why on earth would I not do this?’ and I found the answers to that question pretty unimpressive. So I did it, and am glad I did.”

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