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Small Biz Reax To POTUS Jobs Plan

As President Barack Obama presents the American Jobs Act before a joint session of Congress, NASE President & CEO Kristie L. Arslan outlines critical actions both the President and Congress can take to get our economy moving.

Published on September 08, 2011

U.S. Recovery Offers Few Opportunities (Bloomberg Businessweek)

More than 1 million self-employed Americans are no longer in business almost four years after the last recession began, as the economy constrains entrepreneurial activity and small-business job creation.

Published on September 02, 2011

Small Biz Is Critical To Boosting The Economy

Kristie Arslan, Executive Director of the NASE, released the following statement in reaction to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address...

Published on January 26, 2011

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Recap: Obama’s Job Speech

Published on September 09, 2011

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