Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

At the NASE, we're fortunate enough to be able to give back to those in the small-business community each and every day. Here's a short list of what our members say about what we do.

NASE Bridgette Johnson
I joined the NASE in July of 2021 if I remember correctly and when I saw all the things the organization offered, I couldn’t resist and joined right away!
- Bridgette Johnson

NASE Antisha
NASE is 100% worth the membership as it pays for itself over and over again.
- Antisha Walley

NASE Julie Wilkes LA Yoga
NASE has been instrumental in helping us stay the course during challenging times.  We are a yoga and fitness studio that had been successful for 8 years - but we took a turn during COVID and we almost closed.  NASE provided support for me in the form of educational content that inspired me to know how to pivot. I also received a growth grant.  This grant helped me to maintain our class schedule, pay our instructors, staff and our rent as we refocus our new business model.  Paying my team has always been the most important thing for me - and NASE made this possible.  Thank you NASE!
- Julie Wilkes

Nutty Scoopz
This is the most valuable information I have received on this question so far and I am a member of SCORE and various entrepreneurial programs and have not had such a thorough explanation. You have listed several ideas that will help me. This membership has added value to my life already. Thank you!
- Tina

NASE is a valuable resource and one that every business owner should look into at some point.
- ONE37pm and Squarespace

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