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Crowdspring is an online marketplace for graphic design and naming. From logos to websites, business names to packaging design, crowdspring has you covered. Simply share what you need, when you need it, and how much you want to pay. Once your project is posted, creatives from around the globe (from Australia to Zimbabwe, and everywhere in between) will submit original designs and names – not bids or proposals. As the submissions come in, you're able to review, sort, rate, provide feedback, and collaborate with creatives until you find “the one.”  In fact, we're so confident in our creatives that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Why people love crowdspring:

  •  Set your own price and deadline:  Launch your project on your budget, not someone else's.
  • Custom work:  Choose from real custom designs and names- no stock designs, no bids.
  • Ridiculous choice:  Multiple designers will submit dozens of concepts to choose from.
  • Money-back guarantee:  Naming and design projects are covered by our guarantee.
  • More than 220,000 creatives:  Our virtual creative team spans over 195 countries.
  • Exceptional quality:  Every creative is vetted for design quality.
  • Free contract:  So you know you have full ownership of your name or design.
  • We're here to help:  Seven days a week. (Although we do occasionally sleep).

How crowdspring works:
You describe what you want, name your price, and set your deadline. Once you’ve launched your project our team of 220,000+ creatives springs into action (see what we did there?) to create and submit custom entries just for you.

You can start providing feedback and collaborating from the very first entry. The creatives will revise their submissions and try new creative directions up until the project deadline. Then you can either award a winner or hold a finalist round with your favorite 5 creatives.

In the end, you just pick the name or design you like the best. We cover the whole thing with a free legal contract to make sure you own the work you choose (and can do whatever you want with it in the future), as well as a money back guarantee. When you approve the final files, the creative gets their award and you get the work!

How much does it cost?
Design and naming projects start at $299. This price bakes in the creative’s award and the fees that allow crowdspring to provide a secure platform, top-notch customer service, IP-protections, and everything else that makes us great. But, you can customize your award amount, add additional awards, or add a-la-carte features like privacy protection or team collaboration when you post your project. These will impact your final price - but they’re all in your control.

100% Money-back guarantee:
We want you to be absolutely, completely happy with your project and we’re confident that you will be. That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  If you don’t find a design you love or receive at least 100 names to choose from, just let us know within 30 days of the end of your project. We’ll refund every penny.

Exclusive NASE benefit:
NASE members save $25 OFF any project you post on crowdspring!

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