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Health Resource Guide

Running your own business requires many hats – CEO, CFO, marketing director, office manager, janitor and more. Trouble understanding the details of health coverage might make your role as micro-business benefits administrator difficult. The search for affordable, quality health coverage is an overwhelming task and making sense of your plan options can be challenging. 

Manage your health care decisions with A Guide to Understanding Health Coverage for Micro-Businesses. Designed for businesses with fewer than 10 employees, this workbook can help you make the best health care decisions for yourself, your family and your employees.

  • Grasp the basics of health insurance for micro-businesses
  • Determine how your state affects your health care decision
  • Assess what health care needs you have
  • Compare the difficult types of health insurance
  • Define key health insurance terms

  • With all the roles you take on in your business, you deserve some help. Use this guidebook as your reference manual and micro-business benefits administrator.

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